My 2yr old goes to bed at 11pm -Hacking Parenthood

My 2yr old goes to bed at 11pm -Hacking Parenthood

My 2yr old goes to bed at 11 pm. I feel so embarrassed about this, even though I shouldn’t. I am so ingrained to believe that all children should be in bed by 7 pm. No matter what. So when my daughter finally falls asleep at 11 pm, I’m feeling a bit like a bad mum. I know why she goes to bed late. She still gets her recommended 12/13 hrs of sleep a day. So why am I feeling so guilty!! Society is banging on my door again making me feel all weird and worthless.

Hello mum guilt, it’s so nice of you to show your ugly face once in a while.

So bedtime is either 6/7pm without a daily nap or its 10/11pm with a day nap. We seem to be in limbo of dropping a nap or not. It all depends on the day, whether she’s too tired to last a whole day without a nap or whether I need my break or not. So many factors. Mainly based on her needs. So when she’s had a nap and she goes to bed late, I’m ok with it.

There is a reason why I am ok with it. I don’t need to get up at a specific time in the morning. This means that if my daughter wants to sleep until 9 am because she went to bed late, we can. I’m sure many mums would kill for a lie in. So that’s a great benefit for a late night.

We have a very flexible day routine and it’s based on how tired my daughter is. Whether we go out or stay in all depends on her. Planning actual days out can be a little stressful as there is no set time that she might or might not have her nap. Days out are tiring for me and usually end with a nap that is too late for me to want a late night. This usually happens on the ride home. I know I’m not alone in this. A nap too close to bedtime after a long hard day is not a good end to a day. It’s an awful end, especially when you are knackered.

It seems I am constantly assessing and reassessing every hour of the day alongside keeping my wonderful mini human alive and well. I won’t feel bad about the late night my daughter has. It just means I get a lie in.

So after writing this post, I’m starting to feel more confident about my daughter’s late night. I prefer to be tuned into her schedule than force my own schedule on her. Both my husband and I do enjoy watching a few episodes on the couch with our daughter while we all wind down as a family before all going to bed. It makes everything worth it.

My 2yr old goes to bed at 11pm -Hacking Parenthood