3 things to do when living in a small space with a small family. -Hacking Parenthood

3 things to do when living in a small space with a small family. -Hacking Parenthood

Living in a small space with a small family can be trying, but there are little things that can be done to increase space and make things easier. Living in a one bedroom with both my husband and I working at home, I needed to do something to make this place livable and spacious.

1. If it doesn’t bring you joy, chuck it. Konmari method.

Firstly, get rid of unnecessary things. I used the Konmari method to let go of things I really didn’t need. I first heard about this method from one of my friends who runs www.treeofopals.com. It took a few tries to really get going. The idea is that you sort everything in piles of similar things, then hold each item and see if you feel any joy, if not, toss it.

I did a trip to Ikea to get some drawers to replace my cupboard as there didn’t seem a need to hang my clothes with the konmari method of folding. When adding new furniture to a small house, remember to get rid of other furniture to make space. It is so easy to just keep all the furniture. I called our local charity van to take them away. This includes TOYS. Unnecessary toys for kids take up too much space.

2. Make sure every room is being used well. 

It seems a shame to have some rooms only in use at night, bedrooms don’t get used all day because there is a massive bed in the way. What about getting rid of the bed and only keeping the mattress. The mattress can get lifted up against the wall during the day and then back down at night. It will make such a huge difference. If you have children, then this can be made into another play area, even a yoga room. We did need to get an extra mattress because the co-sleeper didn’t lower enough to be the same hight as the mattress. This caused some sleepless nights. I came up with the idea to buy a single mattress to put next to the double mattress to create a huge bed! That night was one of the best sleep, that we all had.

3. If you don’t use certain place in the house, see what you don’t need.

I wasn’t using my studio space as I don’t do as much craft as I used to now that I have my little one. Deciding to get rid of the massive desk was hard but I knew that I never really used it much and could downsize. This meant a whole lot of space in the living room. Make sure you use everything that is taking up space. If not, get rid. Empty space means a clearer headspace.

What did you do to help make a small space livable?

3 things to do when living in a small space with a small family. -Hacking Parenthood