3 ways to afford being a healthy vegan -Hacking Parenthood

3 ways to afford being a healthy vegan -Hacking Parenthood

Trying to stay healthy can be very hard and very confusing. There are so many mixed messages around that are trying to tell you what to eat and how to eat. The true secret to healthy eating is fruit and vegetables. There’s nothing else to it. Eat as many fruit and vegetables you can every day, fresh or cooked. Add some beans or rice and you have a healthy diet. No processed food needed.

Nowadays with vegan becoming more mainstreams. Which is so great. There is a downside. The amount of processed meat and dairy alternatives have quadrupled and they are more readily available in your local supermarkets. These products are expensive and are only there when you have a craving for what you used to eat. Pre-vegan. You do not need to have these products on your plate. Trying cutting them out for 28 days and then see if you still want them. Im not saying you cant have them at all. Maybe have one, once a week. The rest of the time, fill your plate with fruit and vegetables.

1.Find your nearest weekly fruit and veg market. This is the most important as most fruit and veg is more expensive in the supermarkets. You also get to know the sellers and they usually throw in something or take a little money off.

2. Stick to plant based and whole foods. Try and resist all the lovely vegan replacements like meats and cheese.

3. Buy dried goods in bulk. This does mean you need to spend a little to save a little. We tend to pick a couple of things to buy bulk every month.

By following these 3 steps, not only will you have a healthy diet, it will be very cheap. So start planning easier meals based around fruit and vegetables, like smoothies or roast vegetables. Go on Pinterest and find some amazingly easy recipes and just try them. Things might go wrong but they might not. Learning a new way to cook with only fruit and vegetables is so important to having a healthy diet. When you have a healthy diet, your body will thank you.

What’s you favourite, vegan meal?

3 ways to afford being a healthy vegan -Hacking Parenthood