My 3-year-olds Travel Toys

My 3 year old travel toys -Hacking Parenthood

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While travelling, kids can get really bored when fun things aren’t happening. As we do long term travel, we live in places as we lived at home. These new places become our home. This does mean we keep ourselves busy with normal day to day activities and maybe a few day trips to the local towns.

I decided to pack a bag of her favourite toys. Keeping them tiny so that they fit in the bag well. This is the bag that my daughter will attempt to carry. It is small and light enough for us to carry when the time arises, usually quite often. She is only 3 years old so I don’t expect her to have to carry it all the time.

I have managed to fit quite a lot of things in the bag and surprisingly, she plays with most of the items. As time goes on I think we might dismiss a few things and acquire different toys from different countries.

What to pack for adults back packing through Europe.

If you are deciding to put a bag of toys together, do look around the house or ask friends for similar toys so that you don’t end up buying all new toys. I’ve made a list of almost all her toys and if you click on the images then it will be an affiliate link to Amazon to give you an idea of the price or even buy some. I will get a very tiny profit from your purchase and that doesn’t affect the price you pay.

Here is what’s in her bag and which bag we got her.

*These are UK Amazon Affiliate link, so if you do decide to buy anything, I will get a small percentage, no difference to the price you will originally pay. You just get to support others and not just Amazon.*

Bag– This is the bag we use to keep all if her toys in. It small enough to stick in my tote bag with a bunch of another things when going on a plain with her allowance of bags.

Transformer– This is a great toy as it’s a two in one which is just perfect for travelling.

Toy animals– imagination in playing is such a useful tool, so have little animal toys can really help their little story go a long way.

Colouring book– kids love colouring in. Having a mini colouring in book that fits in the bag is great for when the time comes

Magnifying glass– This is a great educational toy to take advantage of when you are in new places. My daughter loves going on adventures to find thing with the magnifying glass.

Binoculars– Binoculars are always great when travelling. Chance to look in the distance of all the views. Close or far. My daughter likes to look through the wrong side and see things far away.

Cars– Another imagination tool. Cars are fun to play with even the adults enjoy a few races with the kids.

Purse– Place to put their coins and toys.

Doll– Little children love to have a doll to play with. Travelling is no exceotion.

Super hero cape– Dressing up is still possible while traveling. This hero cape is fun for playing and running around shouting ’SUPER GIRL!!’

Keeping them tiny so that they fit in the bag well.

Fairy skirt– Fun skirt to dance around in and small enough to pack nicely in the bag.

Apron– I love this item in my daughters bag as she can use it when doing messy play as well as when I am cooking. I think it is really important to let our children participate in cooking.

Colour pens– Arty fun for all to have. Sometime all kids really need is pen and paper and they could be busy for hours.

Fan– For us, we travelling around very got areas so having a hand held fan is quite handy.

Watercolours– Painting is fun but can be very messy, so having watercolours is a great way to have not too messy paint fun.

Notepad– A place to scribble in small places.

Harmonica– Having an instrument is really important for kids, so we figured that the harmonica is the smallest type of instrument that my daughter enjoys to play.


These toys that my daughter has in her bag has been just enough to keep her occupied when needed. Keeping the items small means it doesn’t take up much space and fits in her little backpack.