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As a mum of one, I feel I have some knowledge to pass to the next new mama. Knowledge of the things you really need when you become a mum for the first time. These are the four things that got me through the rough times of no sleep and crying baby. Having a baby is not easy, even this list won’t make it easier. It will just help you along.

Before I gave birth I did a lot of research on different ways of doing things. We are a generation of mums that have access to so much information. This included research studies that people have done to find out if things actually work. A lot of the way I do things has been based on research. Finding the best and easiest way. This list is a what you need.

1.Wrap/baby carrier

A lady wearing a green wrap, with her baby on the front of her chest. Wrapped up in the wrap.

This is by far the most important, whether or not you have a pram. Studies have shown that baby’s that are carried often have less stress, overall less crying. You do, however need to find the right one, as this will make the difference. Finding a local sling meet, where you can pop in and try out different slings, different colours. The reason why this is first on my list is, when you have to constantly feed your little one, it can be really hard to move from the position you are in when they sleep. Putting them in a sling once you’ve fed and changed them, means you can get on with things. What ever those things are, is up to you. I would mostly cook, or go for a walk. Leaving the house becomes easy there’s no need to move your little one from a bed to a pram. Also, it’s a great way to get fit. Iv never been fitter in my life.

2. Cloth nappies. (Tumble dryer)

Disposable nappies are expensive, they are environmentally UNFRIENDLY. Think of all the waste that every baby has, over a million babies are born each year. We can help the problem. Wearing cloth nappies helps your little potty train earlier as they don’t like wet nappies, my little one is 1.5yrs and almost potty trained. No need to run to the shop when you have run out of nappies. I couldn’t imagine after a long day of being a mum, and then running out of nappies. (I once change her nappy 3 times in a space of a nappy change!). They’re easy to wash.  Just stick them in the wash at 60’C and dry. Done! You will be touching a lot of pee and poo and vomit, whether or not you have disposables. So the argument that it’s gross is irrelevant. It’s really cheap, monthly spending for us is so low.

3. Finding your local breastfeeding group.

You need the support, every mum needs all the support they can find, and you must find it. Chances of breastfeeding go up when you have the support. Babies thrive on breastmilk, and mamas thrive (once they get it right). The fell good hormone oxytocin gets released ever time you feed! How amazing is that! Just google breastfeeding group and something will come up. Join Facebook groups for breastfeeding. Every mum has the opportunity to breast feed if they are given a chance. This benefits both you and little one. Breastfeeding protects against breast cancer, babies have get the antibodies needed to survive the first few months. When they are ill, your body creates the antibodies to help fight the infection. The milk is magical.

4. Co-sleeping

A brown haired lady, lying on her side, on a bed, breast feeding her baby who is also lying on the bed.

  • Read the guidelines of co-sleeping, then do it. Trying to feed a baby 20 times in the night when they are on the other side of your room is lunacy.
  • Buy a cot that fits on to the side of your bed. These can be standard cots, just remove the side.
  • Babies feel safe when they know their mama/daddy is there for them.
  • Learning to breastfeed while lying down is the most common way to get a good staggered night sleep. Babies feel safe, you feel happy.

These 4 tips help you have a basis of what you really need. They have helped me and my little one. She is very calm most of the time and never has to worry about if I’m there or not. Things like slinging and co-sleeping helps her explore the world in the knowledge that she doesn’t have to worry about me, but always know that she wont be alone when getting to sleep and napping.

So, if you have the means, just do it. You are helping create that bond between you and your little one.

4 things you need as a new mum -Hacking Parenthood