4 Tips on how to keep the house clean with kids. -Hacking Parenthood

4 Tips on how to keep the house clean with kids. I say clean, not tidy!! Tidy is a whole different matter, but if you get the first tips right. Tidy can be an option.

Ever since I had my daughter, I knew I wanted to stay at home and be there for her,  teaching her what she needs to know, and guiding her. Even though it is just her, she really does take up so much time in my day. Where does anyone find the time to cook, clean and do the shopping. It has taken me over a year and a half to finally get my life into some sort of order. Yes, if another one comes along I will have to reshuffle and start again. Hopefully, if I stick with these tips, I won’t have a problem.

Here are a few tips on how to keep the house clean with kids.

  • De-clutter the house.

The more stuff you have, the more its going to end up everywhere. As my family know, I can be a hoarder. I love to keep every little thing that reminds me of a memory I think I should keep. This year I went on a massive clean out bender as we live in a small flat and needed to use the space better. I really had to let go of a lot of things that weren’t helping me. I followed the rules of Kon Mari and recently watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Minimalism’. These two things were enough to make me purge things that I don’t really need. Once I did it. My mind started clearing and I felt I could breathe in my home. It took a year of sorting out over and over again. Each time getting rid of more and more.

  • Set out a routine.

Setting out a routine is the scariest thing anyone like me can do. I love my freedom and ability to just do things when and where I want. I realise now that having a routine (mine is very flexible) can really help with the day to day running of a household. Things that need routine are the washing up, the washing, grocery shopping. Once you know when these things need to be done, then you can rely on it. You know if you follow it, things won’t get on top of you.

We tend to do the weekly shop on a Monday or Wednesday, I do the fruit and veg shop and a trip to a supermarket for the extras. Washing up gets done in the afternoon and then after dinner, the washing has a rota of darks, lights, nappies, break. I clean the house every Thursday and sweep every night after dinner.

  • Hang up the washing straight away, then fold straight away into a basket.

We all know that the washing is the hardest thing to keep on top of. So much of it! Once the load is done, that gets hung up straight away. Once it has dried, I fold it straight away into the basket, I’ll take the basket around to put the clothes away. Using a basket mean that you don’t have to struggle to try to hold all the folded clothes that need to be taken to all the bedrooms. Just take the basket.

  • Do a quick clean in the evening.

Pre-baby times, I would never clean after dinner, unless I was in the mood. Now I would rather do it in the evening so that it is nice a clean in the morning to start the day. Luckily my darling husband does bath time so this is a great time for me to do a wiz around the house ready for the morning.

What awesome tips do you have to share about how to keep the house in a generally ‘normal’ state?


4 Tips on how to keep the house clean with kids. -Hacking Parenthood