The 5 E’s For A Soul Child

Every parent has a picture in their mind of what path they’d like their child to follow. It may be hazy and vague, or it could be a stricter, more formal path with direct leads to get them to where you want them to be. Either way, there are some choices and decisions that need to be made to guide them rather than push them into what they want (or may not want!) to do.



There are children in this world who so desperately want to be educated, to be schooled, to learn the things that will propel them out of the lifestyle that they are currently living. The chance of education for our own children is a privilege, and one that should not be taken for granted. Helping your children to learn, as menial as the task that they have been set may be, is a way to get them on their way to where they need to be – wherever that is and it’s simply education that will get them there. If you can’t homeschool then, teaching them outside of the classroom and raising interests in other subjects will only aid them and assist them to flourish in whatever they choose to do.



Knowing the difference between right and wrong is subjective. We all have our own versions of what is just and true, and our own thoughts as to how the world should work. Teaching your children the basic ethics of being kind to one another and appreciating another person’s space and property can do them the power of good – not just now, but further down the line of their lives and into adulthood, too.



We base a lot of what we should get on the privileges that we have been conditioned to. Race, class, wealth – it all accounts for a lot of horrible, but also exceptional, behaviours that we see in our children’s generation today. We possibly saw it in our own generations. Nobody is more entitled to a life on this planet than any other person, and this can extend further on into branch subjects like veganism. Again, guiding your children to make a choice instead of forcing them can help enormously, especially with the next point…



Giving your kids the right to choose and make their own decisions is vital for their own sense of empowerment. This is is giving them the sense that their opinions are worth listening to, and also gives a sense of responsibility for their actions. This can be so hard to teach later on in life, so the earlier the better!



Last, but not least – your children have one childhood. They need to make the most of it. While some of the points raised may seem a bit adult, it’s still important to let their imaginations run riot and indulge them in their creative spirit. You may be surprised at where it gets them – and you, too. Being allowed to be a part of their world is an amazing thing. Cherish every second.


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