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Hello to all my lovely loyal readers and to any Hacking Parenthood first-timers!

My name is Annie and I am the author of Hacking Parenthood. I have a wonderful husband who is an App Developer and an incredible daughter who amazes me everyday.

I love writing about travel, gentle parenting, equality, worldschooling, and being vegan. I am here to help you start the conversation, and change our old ways of thinking. Change begins with you, I am proving to myself that I can be the change I want to see in the world, and I want to share this journey with you.

Alongside my own blogging, I like to share tips on how you can join the journey of blogging. Blogging has given me a platform to share my thoughts as well as learn new ideas. It’s giving me confidence in what I do, and strengthening my knowledge that every voice matters. I know I can help you experience the same.

So check out my posts, get some ideas and maybe even find a perfect gift in the gift guides I do every Friday.

Once a week, I send out a newsletter to all my subscribers talking about what’s been happening this week with my blog.

If you have anything to ask. Please contact me through email at contact@hackingparenthood.co.uk or through my social media accounts. These links are located at the top right hand corner of my page.

Thanks for reading… together let’s hack parenthood!
A mum and dad smiling while holding their 2 month old baby
Our vegan family

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