#AD How to save time with an app.

#AD How to save time with an app. -Hacking Parenthood

Ever since I had my little girl, I’ve had almost no time to myself. Those days when you could just sit on the computer and research till your heart’s content, are long gone. Now, if I need to find something like a handyman or even a yoga instructor, it needs to be quick and reliable.

Recently I decided to try out Bidvine. This is an app that you can enter what you need. Bidvine covers things like home, wellness, learning, events, care and more. What’s great about this app, is that it is free. All you need to do is answer a few questions about what you need. If you need a yoga instructor, it will ask about your preferences, availability, etc. Or if you need a house cleaner, it will ask you relevant questions about what size your house is and what your availability is. Even about whether you want eco products or not, then it’s done. Bidvine will do the rest and you can get on with whatever your little ones need.

It will find the local service providers, which you will get notified when they have someone who will bid on your request. This is all done on the app so there is no need to search and phone people in the hopes that they can give you a quote and be available when needed.

I’m sure you know the process, internet searches, asking on Facebook, calling everyone for a quote, remembering the prices, deciding on who to choose. All this fuss taken behind the scenes so you have a great experience looking for professionals.

So, if you need a wedding/family photographer in your area for a wedding, give Bidvine a try. It’s easy and free. With Bidvine you can submit all your requests within 10 minutes and just check your emails in the evening and see what quotes have come back.

It works on both mobile and desktop, so wherever you are, you can use it. Iv used this app and that’s why I’m happy to share it.