Why I chose to start Baby Carrying from birth. -Hacking Parenthood

Why I chose to start Baby Carrying from birth. -Hacking Parenthood

Once I learnt about alternative parenting (Continuum Concept/attachment), I knew I needed to wear my baby for the first 6 months. This made many of my friends and family worried. No pram, whatever will I do.

I wrote this post when my little one was 3 months. So far I have loved carrying my baby around. Both my husband and I carried her from day 1. At first, it was very scary as she was so tiny, and we were very worried about whether she was in correctly.

The main thing is that she needs to be in the frog position on the body. After a while, you start to really get used to it, and it became much easier and not so much of a concern. She would sleep in the sling while I would get on with cooking and cleaning that I wanted to do. Having her in the sling from the start helped me as I wasn’t stuck on the couch all day holding her, I could move around. If I needed to settle her, I would put her in the sling and she would usually be asleep within 5 minutes. The sling is like the magic helper, when you don’t have anyone to help hold her while you do housework.

From about 9 weeks, she would be more awake in the sling and wouldn’t fall asleep straight away unless she was tired. I have to walk around a lot as she doesn’t like to be still in the sling, either bouncing and walking will do. This is the same when she is out of the sling. How dare mummy and daddy sit down with her and try and relax. I have to keep on going.

My favourite way to sling her up the pocket sling, this one felt the most secure and I felt very confident in walking around with her in this way, see picture below. The sling I use is a woven sling from Little Frog. (I have not been paid or been given the sling in return for the mention)

My husband chose a stretchy sling. This is useful since I have both to try all different types of wrapping.

A father standing with his little newborn child in a grey and white sling
Kris doing skin-to-skin with our beautiful daughter.

With the woven sling, I attempted to do a rucksack wrap which is a type of wrap that lets you have baby on your back. I would really want my little one to start to liking it as it will be easier to do things with. Every time I attempted it, she starts crying. I will just push through and carry on trying, I feel as she gets older, she will enjoy it more as it will be a different view for her.

Travelling is so much easier as a sling takes up little space compared to buggies and prams. Easy to move around and no need to worry about extra baggage. Carrying baby also helps with getting rid of the pregnancy body, because you walking and bouncing more than ever.

Having my daughter so close to me all the time made me feel so great. Would you sling if you could?
Why I chose to start Baby Carrying from birth. -Hacking Parenthood