Baby led weaning, about the first time

Baby led weaning, about the first time. -Hacking Parenthood

Baby-led weaning has been an interesting one for me, and also for the family to get used to. Start straight away with actual food rather than pureed food seems to be a new concept. When I was a child, my thoughts of baby food came from a jar that you bought. This blows my mind now. I would never feed my child something like that, and I have tasted them. No wonder kids don’t like vegetables. The vegetables in the shop bought purees taste disgusting.

At 6months, I started giving my little one chunks of food for her to play and taste, small enough for her to hold and big enough for her not to choke on it.  I had to google the difference between gagging and choking.Babies tend to have a gag reflex that is much larger than ours. This helps them recognise when food has gone too far back and they will cough it out. The main difference is, if you can hear her then it’s probably gagging. You should only be worried if they are quite, this means they can’t breathe.


a picture with a baby eating broccoli, 4 different picture showing the progression of her face from hapiness to disgust.
My first taste of broccoli.


a baby sitting in a table chair with green smoothies all over her face.
the cutest look!

For me, this is the best way to introduce foods, she sees, plays and investigates different types, colours, textures. She just loves it. In the past couple of weeks she has started swallowing foods. It’s amazing to watch how she learns the art of eating. At the moment, she doesn’t need to eat to gain nutrients as she is still breastfeeding. The gets almost all her nutrients from breastfeeding. Doesn’t mean she can enjoy food in the mean time. From 6 months to a year is the time that your little ones will explore and investigate food. This is a whole new world for them. Before that, all the things you gave them to play with tasted of metal, plastic or wood. Now, your baby is tasting a whole range of flavours.

My husband and I have been able to start eating together because she can occupy herself with her food long enough for us to eat our dinner. This, I believe helps her learn to eat because she sees us putting food in our mouths. So will imitate us.

What has your journey been like? What was your little ones first official food?

Baby led weaning, about the first time