4 perfect baby shower games- Hacking Parenthood

4 perfect baby shower games- Hacking Parenthood

I ended up planning my own baby shower, which was probably best since I’m quite picky with how I like things to go. One thing is that all the food needs to be vegan! For some reason, this seems to be a hard one for the meat-eaters. What is so hard about eating fruit, vegetables and a bit of bread?

Apart from the food, I wanted the day to be filled with things to do so that everyone has fun. With a lot of nights spent on Pinterest, I whittled it down to a small bunch of games:

Tye-dyeing onesies and fabric painting bibs– This was a fun one to get my friends and family’s creative juices flowing. To save on money, I bought fabric for the bibs and made them myself. (I’m just trying to put my Fashion Design Degree to use :P). The onesie were from wholesalers and got the Dye from a friend. Everyone got a fabric tote bag to dye and take home.

A sewing machine with an example of a bib already made, in the background are cut out fabric ready to be sewn
Making Baby Bibs

Memories: Write a memory with the ‘mum-to-be’ on a piece of paper and put it in the bag. The ‘mum-to-be’ must guess who wrote it. This one was hilarious, really interesting to see the memories that other people have of you. Some of them I could not even remember. It was hilarious trying to figure out who wrote them and brought some awesome memories back!

Making flower headband: Got some thick wire and thin wire, and picked all the flowers in the garden, enough for everyone to make a flower bands. We did this after we ate all the tasty vegan food. It was a fun game to get everyone focused again on the baby shower, it was the most quite part of the baby shower. Everyone looked awesome with their flower heads bands, we all felt like hippies sitting in a circle having a brilliant time.

A group of ladies making flower headbands with wire and yellow flowers
All the ladies making Headbands out of flowers.

Don’t say baby: Everyone got a necklace with 5 clothes pegs on them. If some one hears some-one say ‘Baby’ then they should take a peg from that person and add it to their necklace. This game was hilarious and really got everyone enjoying themselves and chatting to each other. Lots of laughter and smiles with this game, highly recommended.

Cute Red Jumper received as a baby shower present.

After all the games it was time to open the present and wind down while people started to leave. I felt that only having a few games really helped stay on track, since its so easy to just skip things as everyone starts to get a bit rowdy.


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4 perfect baby shower games- Hacking Parenthood