Do You Need Help To Begin Long-Term Travel- My New Book.

Do You Need Help To Begin Long-Term Travel- My New Book.

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OMG I wrote a book.

It about all the things you need to think about for long-term travel including a to-do list.

I am so excited to share with you all. I have spent the last few months writing my very own book. Something I never thought I would end up doing. I have always struggled with writing as a child. Being undiagnosed dyslexia in primary and high school, I never understood why I struggled so much. Until I went to university and got to do a proper diagnosis of my dyslexia. I start getting help on how to read and write. Using different software and even changing the colour of the screen to help me with reading. I currently use the iPad or iPhone to write as it works for me. Growing up, I never thought I would do anything to do with writing, I could never get my words out.

When I started my blog, it was a way for me to keep something of me. When you become a new mother, things change in a big way. Your life is not your own and no one can prepare for this. Everything you do is for someone else. So having something that I can do and pause my mind on being a mum has been so helpful. It’s a way of documenting my thoughts and hopefully helping others.

Back to the book then. I decided to write about something that I spent a lot of time on. This was the time I spent preparing to leave on our long term journey. There is so much to think about and it can be so overwhelming. So I have written about all the things you need to think about when you have decided to leave for long term travel as a family. All the things I can think of so if there is anything let me know and I can get it into the next edition. I know I needed something like this just to get an idea of what I needed to do. 

I am selling it through Amazon so it should be very easy to buy and read. Here is a little snippet for you:

”The decision to start long term travel can be very daunting. Choosing to travel long-term can really change many things in your life.

Our own journey began when my husband was doing really well with an app he was developing through a freelance site. He had received an offer from Malaysia to go over and work for a year on a working visa. It was a cold winter night in the UK when this offer was actually considered by us. That night we realised that we actually wanted to travel. We chose to not accept the offer as it was too much work for too little money. But what we did want to do was travel the world for a few years. This decision was made about two years before we actually left.

We were renting a little flat in Trowbridge, UK and my husband was renting an office nearby. We worked online so we didn’t have a reason to be stuck in a tiny village in England. If we could travel, then why not? The next two years were full of excitement, sadness, and preparing for our travels.

There were a lot of decisions to make when thinking about travelling which we have compiled into the following sections:

1.Deciding What To Do With Your Things

2.Exploring DestinationsTo Visit

3.The Budget And How It Will Dictate The Type Of Travel

4.How To Start Saving Money

5.Telling Family and Friends

6.Passports and Visas

7. Sell, Sell, Sell!

8.How to Stop Spending

9.Minimising Your Wardrobe To Fit Into A Shoe Box

10.Practising With A Weekend Away

11.Talking To Your Kids About What Is Happening

12. What To Do With Sentimental Items

13.Saying goodbye To Friends And Family

14.The Rush

15.Four Months Before You Leave

16.Three Months Before You leave

17.Two Months Before You Leave

18.The Rush

19.Six Months In Our Story

20.The List


Deciding What To Do With Your Things


If you are like me, you may have a lot of things. I feel like I kept every little thing that was given to me or acquired through events and shopping. Living in a one-bedroom place with my husband and a new baby, I knew it was time to address the chaos that was my stuff. Through friends, I found out about Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari method’ and how it helps to really get rid of unnecessary items in the house. What I didn’t realise was that when we were done with all the sorting and chucking, that there was going to be very little left.

Marie Kondo talks about how things that bring us joy should be kept. This journey of tidying began quite a while before we came up with the idea to travel. I would go through everything I had and a few months later, I would go through all the items that were left. Each time I did get rid of things, it made it easier to get rid of more things. Life got in the way a few times, but then I would do some more sorting. Each time I had less and less and yet I was feeling happier and happier. Less chaos and easy cleaning, especially with my daughter that was starting to make her own mess. I used to think that just when I sorted my own mess, I had my daughter creating her own.

Minimalism was the next thing that helped me to just lose the last of the things that I really didn’t need. I watched a documentary on minimalism and actually felt a bit annoyed. I had spent the last year sorting my things and then with this new concept, I had to tackle it again. I knew I still had too much stuff and I knew I could let go of more. And I did. We had so much space in this little one-bedroom flat that we decided we could actually stay until we moved on. Previously, we honestly thought we needed a bigger place just to have more space. With my husband working in a rented space, we had a good little thing going. I wanted to talk about this little journey of sorting and cleaning because it was instrumental in our plan to make travel work for us. We spent three years learning to let go and to live with less…”

So get to amazon and get the book.