Best Apps and groups for family travel. -Hacking Parenting

Best Apps and websites for family travel. -Hacking Parenting

Best Apps and groups for family travel. -Hacking Parenting

Best Apps and websites for family travel. These are the apps and website that have been used the most while planning travel. It can be very daunting and can be quite hard to decide where exactly to start. You don’t necessarily have to plan every single detail right away. You do need to take one step at a time. It also doesn’t matter if you start to plan your journey sporadically, it will all start to fall into place. Whether you do want to plan every detail or plan very loosely, you do need to take one step at a time. I did repeat that phrase because it is so true to keep you from going insane.

So here are my favourite site and apps to use.

Skyscanner. This app helps you find the cheapest price for what you are looking for. Flights, hotels and car hire. Even if you not sure of the destination, you can browse prices of different destinations with ease. This is a great website for finding how to travel as well as the price for travelling to a destination. Car, bus, plane, boat. It’s all there and it can give you an idea of how much it will be.

Secret Flying. I have joined the Facebook group for this website so that I can see their posts first. They find all the cheap flight, mistake airfares and other low-cost tips.

As a family about to travel the world, I have tried many groups of Facebook that can help with all the questions I have an inspiration for how we as a family can travel. My favourite is by far Worldschooling TM. This group has many subgroups but the main group has over 40000 members all ready to help. So far I am astounded by the friendliness and kindness of this group. If you are a travelling family or are looking to travel but just need that extra inspiration then this is the group.

Airbnb. This is a great way to find local places to rent all over the world. Great prices, sometimes the cheapest that you can find. You can rent homes or just rooms. We have used it a couple of times and it has been so useful. We are even going back to the first place we went to when I was pregnant. Now, with our 3 yr old daughter, we look forward to sharing our experience.

Trustedhousesitters. This is great for when you looking to stay in low-cost places. Usually, you have to look after the house and animals. You get to be in local communities and stay in places you probably wouldn’t have booked an Airbnb.

Let me know what are your favourite apps for planning travel.

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