The Best Christmas gift guide for your minimalist, zero-waste, vegan friend or family member -Hacking Parenthood

The Best Christmas gift guide for your minimalist, zero-waste, vegan friend or family member -Hacking Parenthood

  • The Best Christmas gift guide for your minimalist, zero-waste, vegan friend or family member -Hacking Parenthood

It’s hard enough finding gifts for friends and family members. With the latest trends of veganism, minimalism and zero waste, I am sure you will be thinking what is the point to even doing Christmas gifts. Don’t despair, this is the perfect gift list that you will be sure to find something for your family member or friends. These gifts are all found on Etsy, so you will be happy to know that these are mostly handmade and from independent sellers trying to make a living.

When someone changes their lifestyle, especially in a way that they are moving away from mainstream and more to an environmentally aware lifestyle, this can make things hard for people to understand their choice. You might find it hard to gift them as well as sticking to their principles of living. I have picked these twelve gifts to get you started. These are the type of things that will be welcomed and appreciated. This post contains affiliate links from Etsy.


  1. Unpaper Towels The amount of waste that goes into kitchen towels that we use can be shocking, by replacing them with fabric ones, you don’t need to think about the waste. Once you have used them, throw them in the wash. Easy and environmentally friendly.
Unpaper Towels (Etsy)

2. Shampoo Bar Set When someone has chosen to move to a more waste-free, minimalistic lifestyle, they usually start thinking about how many shampoo and conditioner bottles they use. Using shampoo bars means they won’t have waste that is not bio-degradable. The packaging is environmentally friendly.

3. Facial cleansing pads Again, this is based on the waste of using cotton pads for cleaning your face every morning and every evening. For one person using at least 2 pads a day can be up to 700 pads a year in our waste. How many people use pads in the UK and you could start feeling a bit guilty about a number of pads you use in your lifetime. This is a great gift and great alternative for this.

Fabric facial Pads (Etsy)

4.  Handmade Watercolours– These are a beautifully thoughtful gift for inspiring someone to get into painting. Even inspiring someone to make their own cards and wrapping paper for future gifts.

The Best Christmas gift guide for your minimalist, zero-waste, vegan friend or family member -Hacking Parenthood

5. UnSponge Heavy Duty Zero Waste Hessian Sponges– Not many people think about a number of sponges that they use for washing get thrown away. They seem so cheap for the number of times you use them and throw them away. They are not worth the harm they do to our environment. They take hundreds of years to decompose. Which means these hessian sponges are a great gift for your family member or friend.

Unsponges Heavy duty zero waste hessian sponges (Etsy)

I create some awesome art in my Etsy store. See my Warrior Mama posters and t-shirt in my Hacking Parenthood store.

6. Reclaimed Wood TV Stand– This is a bit of a different gift. This table is made with reclaimed wood and has a beautifully minimalistic look. You might think it a bit weird to get a tv stand, but if your family or friends are the modern artistic types, then they would love this one.

If you like this list, you will love my zero waste one.

7. Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup– It might be an embarrassing gift to give, but if you are trying to part knowledge of menstrual cycles and ways you can deal with the menstrual cycle, then we should start changing the conversation and stop being embarrassed about menstrual cycles. They are a beautiful thing that young our young generation needs to start to appreciate and not be scared of.


8. Fennel Natural mineral toothpaste– Zero-waste lifestyles tend to change most of their cosmetics to products that are eco-friendly and recyclable. This ticks those boxes and would be appreciated as a gift.

Fennel Natural mineral toothpaste (Etsy)


9. Cases cutlery or pencils Pack with washable zero waste– These are great for trying to stay away from using plastic cutlery that are harming our oceans and environment. They also look perfect for your friends and family that practice zero waste.


11. Vegan Sandwich and food wraps– This is my favourite, especially when making lunch boxes for yourself or kids. Many people that live zero waste and minimalist love these sort of things as they stop the need for buying clingfilm and or aluminium wraps.

Vegan Fabric Sandwich Wrap (Etsy)


10. Wallet made out of aluminium cans– Trying to find an alternative to leather wallets, then this could be helpful. items made with recycled materials is a great use of trash that would otherwise be heading for the dump.

Recycled Can Wallet (Etsy)

12. Handmade folding Shopping bag– Last but not least, using shopping bags that do not harm the environment and that can be used instead of plastics are a great way to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Any like minded people would love to receive this as a gift.

Folding Fabric shopping bag (Etsy)