Best area to stay in Penang island, Malaysia

Best area to stay in Penang island

Best area to stay in Penang island.

Best area to stay in Penang island, Malaysia

We stayed in Penang for about 2.5 months and in this time we stayed in 4 different apartments with Airbnb. We got a feel of each area so I want to share that with you. 

Here’s some tips for getting the best and cheapest holiday.


When we arrived in Penang, we had booked a place for two weeks just outside of Georgetown. It was called Tropicana, which is a new build condominium. It had a wonderful pool, gym and playground as most of the condos tend to have. We were close enough to Georgetown to walk to as well as get a taxi if we didn’t want to walk. A grab taxi was about RM5 to get to most places.

We enjoyed being very close to Georgetown. It was however, very busy. Lots of traffic and noise. It not really a problem as we were quite high up in the condo, but it’s very much a city location.


We then stayed in Jelutong which is towards the airport side of Georgetown. We couldn’t walk into Georgetown as it was a bit too far. With grab taxis, it was easy enough to get to Georgetown. It was a long way from Batu Ferringi if you want to take a day at the beach or do anything on that side of the island.

This side of the island is quite local. Not many tourist. The benefits is that it is cheap for the accommodation. You can find some good, cheap places.

Running Bungah:

Next destination was Tanjong Bungah. Here, we stayed in Alila Homes which is a complex of houses in a quiet road. It had a lovely pool with perfect views. It was a bit away from Georgetown but it was peaceful and quite. This is a massive plus with our family. Still really easy to get anywhere. A short walk from our place was a local bus which is no more than RM2 to get to places. Also, very easy to get a grab.

Closer to the beaches than staying near Georgetown. The botanical Gardens is also very close.

After that was again in Tanjong Bungah but we stayed in a condo close to the seaside this time. It had a beautiful pool and playground and you could walk down to the local shops.

In conclusion about where to stay in Penang out of the place we stayed, I would assess it on what you want out of your trip and how long you want to stay.

If you are only in penang for a week or two, then stay near Georgetown. This way you can get to all the different places with ease.

If you are staying a bit longer, then you might want to stay in Tanjung Bungah or Batu Ferrenghi. Less traffic and quite places around.

If you are able, I would recommend staying in a house that has a pool. This is hard to find though so if you can’t find it the a condo is good.