The Best U.S. Cities to See with Your Kids

The Best U.S. Cities to See with Your Kids

The United States. It’s a strange place in many ways, but very few people out there, no matter their feelings, would pass up a chance to explore it. There are loads of cities in the U.S. that are great for family vacations with young children – here are some of the best!


Williamsburg, Virginia

If your kids have any interest in history, then this is a great U.S. city to visit with them! Williamsburg allows you to step back into the 18th century with its living history museum, where the entire family can rent costumes and take part in guided tours around historic towns. There are carriage rides and opportunities to take part in 18th century chores (though kids might not want to do the latter for very long!) Once you’ve all had enough of the past, you can go over to Water Country USA for some more contemporary fun!


Kauai, Hawaii

A lot of people forget that Hawaii is part of the United States; many of them think that the place is too exotic, somehow. Well, Hawaii is a great place for kids, as you can probably imagine with the plethora of beautiful beaches and the incredible festivities that take place on a frequent basis. Kauai is technically one of the Hawaiian islands, though it is often treated as a city. The beaches are safe and well lifeguarded, and the resorts here are among the most affordable in the region.


Washington, D.C.

It is the nation’s capital, after all. But it’s not just nominal reasons that should send you and your kids to this great city. Washington has loads of free museums, many of them especially exciting for kids: there’s the Museum of Natural History, as well as the National Museum of Air and Space. This city is also, of course, home to the White House, which any kid should be excited to get a ‘real life’ glimpse of! Kids will also love the National Mall, one of the biggest and most activity-filled shopping malls in the United States.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This is one of the most family-friendly cities in the entire country, but it’s not one that you may have seen listed in many lists such as this. But there are so many interesting and exciting things to do in Lancaster that it deserves to be listed here. Kids who are interested in seeing culturally different lifestyles will definitely enjoy this place with its inviting Amish communities. There are loads of different shows, events, farms, and parks to visit that are like nowhere else in the country.



Chicago, Illinois

You’re not going to be stuck for things to do with your kids in the Windy City; in fact, you’re more likely to get stuck trying to pick what to do first! It’s great for families on a budget because there are loads of zoos and museums that offer free entry for kids. The world-famous Millennium Park is a must-visit; kids will love playing around the Cloud Gate sculpture and seeing the wacky reflections it can create.


Orlando, Florida

Two words: Disney World. (Technically, Disney World is actually just outside of Orlando, but you’ll be close enough!)