How to Blog when you have no-time. -Hacking Parenthood

How to Blog when you have no-time. -Hacking Parenthood

Being a mum that stays at home, means you don’t have time for anything. You are so busy, making sure the house is clean, little ones are fed, shoppings is done, the list just goes on.  It all takes time and the days seem to fly past. You end up frustrated and feeling like you really need some ‘me time’.

I only have 2 hours a day to sit down and work on my blog, this seems like so little time. This is the time that my daughter has her nap in the day. Always hoping she actually has her nap!

This is your business- When you start thinking this way, you start believing that you have to make time for blogging. Whether it really is your business or it’s just your hobby, you need to treat your blog seriously. Blogging needs time.

Find those 2 hrs- Look at your day, and see where you can find those 2 hrs. Is it in the morning before the kids wake up, or after the kids go to bed? Is it split up? Once you know where in the day you blogging time will be. You can stick to that, it may seem like it’s too much in the day, but once you start you will start seeing the results. A little every day goes a long way.

Plan your week out- Planning your week can really help you stick to what you have to do. If you planned to write posts on a certain day, that’s what you do. This means that when you sit down to do your blogging, you have a plan and you get on with it. Saves from trying to do different things and then at the end of the 2 hrs, you have nothing to show.

Social media is not included in the 2hrs- Things like sharing posts in groups, and like Instagram images, Pinterest. These are things that can be done in your spare 5 mins that you have in your days, like when the kids are playing happily in the garden or something.

Schedule most social media posts- Scheduling is a great tool to get you spending your time better. I usually schedule a week’s worth of posts for Facebook, including third party posts. I schedule Instagrams posts a week ahead. This way I don’t spend my time doing things in the day that I don’t need. I use tailwind for scheduling to Instagram and Pinterest.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You will find the time to blog if this is what you want to do. Having a plan is helpful to get you moving in the right direction.

How to Blog when you have no-time. -Hacking Parenthood