Best body products for you and your baby. -Hacking Parenthood

Best body products for you and your baby. -Hacking Parenthood

Trying to find the best body products for our little ones can be quite frustrating. With words like parabums, SLS, and loads of other words that can’t even be said by an average reader.

So what should you do in this minefield of products? As a natural mum, I’m always trying to find alternatives to the usual products out there. I believe that, just because certain products have been used by our mums and grandmums, doesn’t mean that I have to wholeheartedly trust them.

There are so many pros and cons to the popular products, that I feel I just don’t want to even use them. Anyone who researches through the internet and forums can get many mixed results. When I get too many mixed results, I start to feel uneasy about these products.

When I fell pregnant, I stopped using many of the usual popular products on myself and moved to more natural ingredients. I stopped painting my nails, dying my hair, using the popular brand of deodorant.

Then, after having my daughter, I was even more adamant that she does not need any chemicals on her body that I could pronounce. Even as we used certain products, I would start thinking if they could be even more natural.

So I want to help you think more about the products you use and try to make better decisions for your little one. Forget about whether your mum used them or grandmum recommends them. Trust yourself and read the label. Mums in this day and age are getting so used to reading the labels on food packaging and other items. So we should be clued up on the ingredients in the products we use for our little ones.

1. Body lotion. 

I don’t use body lotion on my little one. She is almost 2yrs old now. If I do use anything, I use coconut oil. The ingredient in coconut oil is coconut oil. I love it when I can use something with so little ingredients! Amazing! Coconut oil is natural and safe for babies and mummies. I use it as a body lotion.


Soap is an interesting one as again, I still don’t use any unless she is extremely dirty. My soap I use is water, water has such brilliant powers in cleaning little ones. 30min in the bath and they are squicky clean and no need really for anything. I haven’t had any problems as her skin is always so soft and I often get asked what I use. When I have used some sort of soap I used Paddy’s bathroom products. To be honest, I’m the main user of this when iv run out of my soap. So iv only used it about a handful of times on her.


3. Vapour Rub

It wouldn’t be surprised if everyone could mention the most popular brand. Well, this made me suspicious again. I used it regularly when I was ill, so thought it would be fine for her. Well, I didn’t like some of the ingredients in it and thought there should definitely be some better options. I googled ‘vapour rub’ and came up with a bunch of recipes for making it myself! I had never thought of making it myself, until now. I used just 4 ingredients. Here’s how to make your own vapour rub.

4. Toothpaste 

Again, this is a common product that we just use without even thinking about. Up until I went vegan, I just used whatever was on offer at the local shops. Now, I shop around a bit more. At the moment she uses non-fluoride kids toothpaste. We mix between fluoride and non-fluoride toothpaste. We try and stick with natural toothpaste.

5. Breastmilk

For almost everything else, there is breastmilk. This is so natural, I make it myself. From newborn to now, if she has anything that looks a bit suspicious, (if something looks serious wrong, I go to the doctor) I just put breastmilk on it. I even use it on myself. The magical properties of breastmilk are amazing. Scientists are starting to research breastmilk as they could have properties to fight against illnesses.

Start thinking about the chemicals you use one your and your babies bodies. Just because they say it’s safe, doesn’t mean it’s true. At one point in history, they said smoking was safe. Research and always try to find natural products.

What products do you use?

Best body products for you and your baby. -Hacking Parenthood