Clutter and depression, could there be a link? -Hacking Parenthood

Clutter and depression, could there be a link? -Hacking Parenthood

Recently I read an article about clutter and depression, this really got me thinking as I have already started my journey of decluttering and moving to a more minimalist way of living after watching the documentary Minimalism. Woman tend to keep things that are sentimental or they think it has future monetary value. I used to think that if I don’t keep certain things that I will forget the moment or the person who gave it to me. This doesn’t help when you trying to keep things tidy. Too much stuff means mess. There is no two ways about it. I really don’t need all this stuff.

Letting go of your first couple of sentimental items can be really hard. Most of the time these items aren’t even on display. They’re usually packed away waiting for you to look at them and then leave them till the next time to look at them.

I got rid of them. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the person who gave it to me. It just means I’m helping myself let go. This felt refreshing. I felt like I was taking control of my life and what is in it. I started my journey of sorting my items about a year ago. I began my journey after reading the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo‘. It has taken me many times of clearing and sorting to get me to where I am now. Letting go of things you don’t really need can really change your mindset of life.

For example, I recently went to a garden centre to get some soil to plant some veg. While walking through, I noticed how much unnecessary stuff there was. All waiting to be bought and put somewhere so that you can feel like you’ve accomplished something. Until the next time you visit. It made me feel a bit uneasy. It made me notice how far I’v come.

Im sure I have gotten rid of at least a small bedroom of stuff. All unnecessary. I still feel that I can get rid of far more things. As my family can vouch for me as a bit of a hoarder. Times are a changing and I’m letting go. It feels great. It helps my mind be clear. I feel a lot calmer. My place is easier to clean and tidy.

I used to remember the feeling of moving into a new place, just before all the stuff would make its way into its designated place. I would feeling like I don’t want to have anything in the room, I quite liked the empty space. Many people prefer maybe even just one empty room to sit and ponder, a place to let the mind travel without being guided by the influences of what is in front of you. To just focus on the breath.

Maybe you can try letting go of something sentimental, as long as you tell yourself that it will take nothing away from the memory of what it represents. if you can do it, let me know in the comments.

Clutter and depression, could there be a link? -Hacking Parenthood