When all you can do is laugh at the daily mail comments -Hacking Parenthood

When all you can do is laugh at the daily mail comments -Hacking Parenthood

All the comments have been taken from the daily mail online website and my facebook page. These comments are in response to a post I had shared on my facebook page about buying underwear for my child that was about gender stereotypes in clothes. All spelling and grammatical errors are the contributors’ own and have been retained so as not to misrepresent them.

I had such a massive response, of negative comments at first, it was quite over whelming. Once I realised that my story was shared on the daily mail, I braced myself for the negativity that was about to descend in the comments. Alas, all I could see was the funny side. As my dad always says; “Look for the humour first. Always.”

I am a blogger, this is my job. I also know that I blog about very specific things that many people might not like. In a way I was already ignoring the hateful comments as soon as they arrived. Mainly, because I was finding people who cared about what I say and cared about the person behind the article. Many wonderful woman messaged me to see if I was ok. This showed me that amongst so much hate, you really have to look for the good because if you don’t then you might drown.

Daily Fail:-

I can prove boys are better than girls. Girls are happy to dress like boys, but not the other way around. –Merry go round, Arrad Foot, United Kingdom

Yep. Sick to the back teeth of mothers like this. Ooo dare i admit that i like the colour pink and i liked playing with dolls when i was a little girl? Pathetic woman this mother is. –Waky, Wakefield, United Kingdom

Another ‘mummy blog’ *eyeroll* –Kira82, Banbridge, United Kingdom

Bore off –Hannahloug, Manchester, United Kingdom This was a common one, new one on me.

It is quite tragic when you consider that humans have survived for over 2000 years without worrying about such trivia. –Belle de Jour, U.K., United Kingdom

Middle class problems. –Shephard, London, United Kingdom

———-Shopping at Tesco? –Earth to Earth, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom The middle class don’t shop at Tesco.

Totally pathetic why do we give time and newspaper ink over to these idiots totally ridiculous –t21stcenturys-_, bournemouth (This was an article ONLINE that he decided to read and comment)

Oh do get that washing up done love –t21stcenturys-_, bournemouth Classic

‘Mummy blogger Annie Fox’ …………TRANSLATION: Jobless single mum Annie Fox, who has far too much time on her hands to look for different ways to be offended –Bob_Goblin, London, United Kingdom

Tragic is a fool like her wasting everyone’s’ time! –Leonidas of Sparta, London, United Kingdom Yet still read the post.

You should get out more, you boring woman. –r d franklin, bangkok thailand, United Kingdom

Grow a pair! –Ace Lightning, Conestoga Hills, United States

Boys are easier to manufacture. That extra 50p is probably down to the little bows and embellishments they have on them. It all costs extra in the manufacturing process! If she had a factory instead of a poster of Jeremy Corbyn in her kitchen she would know that! –YaaBooSucks, Genuinely British, United Kingdom This could possibly be my favourite, I really should get that poster up.


Kayleigh Thomson She should buy a fucking sewing machine then

Leah Evans Possibly the most pointless post I’ve seen in my life!!! You make me what to be an ostrich. I’m done being human cause I can’t stick any more idiots. They are different prices? So what!? I bet men’s and women’s jeans are too.. let’s go scream sex discrimination and burn our bras? For the love of fucking god… get a grip of your life! If you want pants like that for your child and they don’t have them… go to another shop! You can buy 100s of plain ones.. I actually bought some yesterday but they weren’t in the sale?

#Getagrip came up a lot.

What an amazing time to be alive.

When all you can do is laugh at the daily mail comments -Hacking Parenthood