The difference between Konmari and Minimalism -Hacking Parenthood

The difference between Konmari method and minimalism -Hacking Parenthood

I was first told about the konmari method of sorting out my house about a year ago.

After reading the Konmari book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, I realised I really needed to sort my stuff out. I have lugged my things through 6th form, college and university. Once my daughter was born, I started to realise that I was just keeping things that I did not need and it was causing a huge amount of stress to my husband and I. Most of the items in my house was mine. I needed to do something about ylthe amount of items. So I did. I kept everything that brought me joy, and chucked everything that didn’t bring me joy.

I did this quite a few times in the year. Noticing that, every time I went back to sorting out stuff, I got rid of more and more items. I was letting go of many items. The more I did it, the easier it became. I came to a point where I thought I was done. All these things that surrounded me brought me joy.

Thinking I had reached my potential of decluttering, I watched a documentary on Netflix, called minimalism, here’s the book for those that prefer. It changed my perspective of what really brings me joy. I was in for another sort out. I was  annoyed that this was happening. I thought I was done. My head said I was done sorting as I had just spent the last year going through my things, but I knew in my heart, I was ready to let go of far more things than I ever intended. Minimalism is about only having what you need. This concept blew my mind. I felt like I have just taken the red pill in the matrix. I couldn’t go back. I started to see things I didn’t need around me. Craved the space that came from not having so much stuff. I could be happy to just sit in a room on a pillow. What else do you really need. Society has made our lives so complicated, it dictates that we need the carpet on the floor, the ornament on the window sill, the spare towels in the cupboard. Society is lying to us. Which makes it hard for people to let go of these sort of things. What if you need it, what if someone says your house is bare. What if this stuff is making you depressed and miserable and unable to move on in your emotional life. Stuck. You won’t know you stuck until you become unstuck. Well it was time for me to become unstuck! Once you become unstuck, you start to feel free. Do you think what surrounds you might be the cause for your depression (Have a read on the link between clutter and depression)?

There are two things that stop me from getting rid of things.

One is the things I have acquired from relatives as inherited or given as presents. Our previous generations have held on to so many things. Things they spent a lot of money on or had these items for a long time. How do you separate the the item from the person. We pour so many memories into items that if this item is lost, we feel like these memories are lost. In fact, these memories stay with you. An amazing quote I have recently heard is:

‘Love people, not things’.

This needs to be true. We end up focusing, so much on our possessions that in actual fact, we forget the people. This is quite sad.

The second thing that stops me from throwing away items. Is, that these items could be worth more in the future. Causing me to be scared of getting rid of this item. Incase it is worth more. Future monetary value of a object is something that stops many woman from letting go of their possessions.

It is something that is learned, the ability to just let go. We are the generation who seems to be inheriting and receiving the most amount of things compared to previous generations. Does this mean we are expected to treat all the items the same as previous generations. I say, no. We have to edit what we have in order to live happy lives. This does mean letting go. Checkout the documentary and/or the book.

Its one thing, sorting out your things and putting them away neatly and organzied. It’s another thing, thinking about whether those items you have put away are needed in your life and why.

LET GO and see what happens.

What stops you from letting go of things?

The difference between Konmari and Minimalism -Hacking Parenthood