How to Disguise Study as a Fun Activity

How to Disguise Study as a Fun Activity.

We like to interact with things when we learn and we love to take our time with things. Children have even shorter attention spans than us, which explains why they’re restless when we want them to study and unless it’s a subject they adore, they probably won’t be seated for long.


So, if you feel like your child needs to learn specific information, thankfully, there are ways to disguise some aspects of learning as fun activities. There are ways to make other parts of studying fun and enjoyable for them.


Take them on a trip

If your child is studying a certain subject or needs to research things, then consider taking them on a school trip. Whether it’s computing school trips, a trip to the local museum or even an art gallery for inspiration, trips are fun outings that the whole family can come along for. In addition, you could also invite your child’s friends and classmates to make it a group activity where they can socialise, play and learn together. School trips can be costly (especially if you’re taking several children) and there are times when you’ll need to pay entry fees for certain places. However, it’s a fun and interactive way of teaching your children or getting them to research. Just remember to take along a notepad or smartphone to record notes and take pictures (if you’re allowed to!).


Use smartphone and tablet apps

There are thousands of educational apps on smart devices and laptops. There are even some that could convince you to take on a new hobby or study a subject alongside your child. Many of these apps are disguised as video games or have colourful pictures and give your child rewards for doing well. Most of these are free as well or only cost a little bit of money, making them far more affordable than recommended textbooks and online lesson planners. As fun as these can be, make sure your child isn’t taking detours and downloading actual video games. Keep a cheap tablet for educational purposes and lock it so that your child can’t download games.


Teach subjects without the textbook

Reading from a textbook is boring, so why not disguise that when teaching your child? Although you should try and teach your child to be independent, there are times when you’ll have to give them a bit of help in understanding a subject. For example, you could take them into your backyard and teach them about how sunlights interact with plants and the air around us, or you could teach them basic maths when you take them on a shopping trip. This works better for younger children, but it’s always a good idea to take what they’ve learned in school and apply it to real-world scenarios so they can see the relationship.