I have ditched my handbag and now use a wallet -Hacking Parenthood

I have ditched my handbag and now use a wallet -Hacking Parenthood


Another misconception of gender roles. A woman always needs a good handbag. Why? So we can carry everyone else’s ‘stuff’ just in case they need it. I have always thought that men have it easy. Wallet, phone and keys. All in their trouser pocket. Why can’t I have that? Why am I stuck with only on hand free while the guys have both hands free?

It’s actually quite hard to stop using a handbag. The things you keep in the handbag are quite useful, that’s why we carry them. The thing is you can live without one. You do need to adjust a few things that you wear though. The reason men can walk around with only their wallet, phone and keys are because they have the pockets to do this. Their clothes are designed to handle things in the pockets. This leads to another gender bias frustration. Woman’s clothes are never designed to have proper pockets. For example, how many times have you found a pocket in a dress? I haven’t, I have owned a few skirts that had pockets. Woman are encouraged to own that extra accessory so that they spend more money.

It is possible to find clothes that have pockets. Usually, trousers and jeans have pockets. If you are shopping for clothes, have that on your list, clothes with pockets. This helps you move away from carrying handbags.

The next obstacle in using a wallet is that finding a wallet that fits into a pocket that isn’t just black and leather. You need space for money, and cards. Many time I have looked for a colourful wallet, they have usually been large to put in a handbag or just a little zip purse that the only use is too frustrated the owner using it. For a while, I would get those free plastic train and bus pass wallets that you get free at UK stations, but this would only carry cards and not the money. They are also plastic, which I am trying to move away from using.

I needed something that can open up to have space for cards and have an attached zipped pocket to put money in. I asked a fellow university acquaintance to make one for me, but she tried to charge me £30 to make it, I tried to negotiate but she was having none of it. The reason I decided not to take her offer is that I had also studied fashion at university so could make it myself as well. In the end, I did. Now I have the perfect wallet for my pocket and it’s colourful.

All I need to take to leave the house is my wallet, phone and keys. I feel free from the hackles of the handbag.