Don’t pen the baby in, pen the dad in -Hacking Parenthood

Baby pens, I can’t see myself put my little one into a tiny space, behind bars. I want her all around me, exploring the house and all the things I have in it. This is her world and I not going to restrict her from it. I’m happy to move things about and put things higher so she can’t reach. It’s so important for little ones to be free to explore.My little one loves exploring her world, why should I make it a tiny one. This is the way they learn new things and gain confidence in their surroundings.

Most of the house is pretty easy to baby proof, things just need to be packed away and out of reach. We don’t have a tv so no need to worry about that. What we do have is a dad, who has a massive computer with loads of cables! This can be frustrating when trying to keep our little one away from dangerous things. This is the part of the house where I am not in control of what is lying around. Daddy works at home, so it’s not like we can get rid of his area. The only option was to put daddy in his own playpen, this way, everything we don’t want her to play with is in the pen. Daddy loves being in his playpen. My little obviously wants to be on the inside of the playpen but that’s because daddy is there.


We got ours here from amazon, which was just perfect for the office area. It is easy to change the length and it goes in different shapes so it works well for getting around corners.

a little baby in a cloth nappy standing next to a play pen

Whats your experience with having your little one free to roam the house?

Don't pen the baby in, pen the dad in