Staying eco-friendly while travelling

Staying eco-friendly while travelling.

Staying eco-friendly while travelling

When try to do eco-friendly travelling, it can be too easy to not think about the waste you are producing.

I thought about it many times. When I left England, I knew what to do to minimise waste. When I arrived in countries that I could speak there language and I didn’t have any clue on the etiquette of buying. You just watch and learn. The worst part of my travels, apart from flying, is how much plastic gets used. Plastic bags are a nightmare but so convenient. They’re light, readily available and relatively cheap. This is why they are used so often.

Our convenience is at the detriment to our environment and our wildlife. This means we need to mind our convenience and make an effort for the future of our children and their children.

We have changed our ways to make sure, while travelling, that we make every effort to cut down on waste.

Here are some of the items we travel with:

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Cotton vegetables bags. These are great to carry when you want to buy some fruits or vegetables. Use the bags so you don’t have to use the plastic bags. Don’t think it is an inconvenience because you will notice how appreciative people are when you make an effort not to use plastic.

Shopping Bags. Same goes for shopping bags. Make sure you use them when shopping. No matter where you are in the world. They last longer and work better the plastic bags. If you want to know more see my post here.

Re-usable straw and cleaner. USE YOUR OWN STRAW or try not even use one at all. You might think, it’s only one straw, but if a million people say that every day then it doesn’t help our planet.

Cutlery. Have your own cutlery. Say no to plastic cutlery. Have a little bag of your own cutlery and straw and take it with you where ever you go. Plastic items that you only use once is the problem.

A few Tupperware like boxes. This is great for when you want to get takeaway. Then just take your tubs and let them know that you want the food in the tubs. Usually they are very happy to accommodate.

Soap. Just use soap to wash your body and hair. No need to use shampoo and conditioner bottles that just get thrown away. Soap works for many things.

These are just a few things you need to try while living and travelling. Anything we can do to help our planet is worth it.