First 3 months of elimination communication - Hacking Parenthood

First 3 months of Elimination communication -Hacking Parenthood

Elimination communication is often written in abreviated terms. EC.

In the first month of my little one, she spent most of her time sleeping. When she was awake, all she would do is feed, poop and sleep. She is my first so I would be able to sit and feed her, and do EC really easily. Most of the time she needed to pee/poo before, during and after a feed. Though she never fed and peeed/pooed at the same time.She would have a pause from feeding. This was when I would put her on the potty. 9/10 she would have a pee/poo.

This was the best tip I had got for EC. Little one doesn’t poop while eating. So she would pull off from feeding and I would know that she wanted to poop/pee. While she would pee and poop, I would hiss like a snake, so that she would associate the sound to the action.

The second month has been very different. She is in a routine and I’m trying to learn her body actions.Now that she is awake more, I am leaving the house often to keep her occupied. Staying at home all day makes me go a bit crazy. Which means I haven’t used the potty in a while, since Iv been keeping myself occupied with trips out the house.

The third month, I’m getting back into things and learning how she poops and pee’s now, at the moment I tend to catch her poops after her feed, the pee’s are a little hard as I’m still trying to figure out what her pee signs are. I do this part time because I am still not confident to EC while I am out.


One tip I can give to mums who EC’d then paused for a while, get back to it, you will feel confident in it again. I felt, after the short break, that I might not know her signs or catch any pee/poo’s again. You will, and its ok to have a break from EC. Especially if you’re trying to just get the hang of looking after a little baby. So just don’t be scared to get back.
The potty I use is from Asda which is a standard potty. Hopefully, she will be happy to use it as she gets used to going by herself.

How to hold your baby on the potty.

The easiest way is to have the potty on a coffee table or highish surface, have some toilet paper ready as well as a cloth nappy or terry towel to clean up any misses. Hold them facing you and sit them on the potty like in the image above and wait. Make a hissing sound so they can learn to associate pee/poo with the sound. If they cry, take them off and try again later. If I missed a catch, I just try again the next time. It takes practice, so don’t give up just because they didn’t pee/poo in the potty.

If you have the energy to do EC, I would recommend it, it really helps get in tune with your baby a little bit more than usual.

First 3 months of elimination communication - Hacking Parenthood