My Exercise Routine -Hacking Parenthood

My Exercise Routine -Hacking Parenthood

My Exercise routine. If only I can do what the lady is doing in that picture. One day, maybe.

My Exercise Routine -Hacking Parenthood
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Cohen Van der Velde

Exercise is very important for ones well being.

I have noticed that when I have done exercise that day, I start to feel better within my body and my mind is calmer. I try to do exercise everyday which often doesn’t work out due to life getting in the way. This is ok, as long as I was active that day. If I wasn’t well then I need to do something to get my body moving and calm my mind from all of the activity.

I do a few things that usually lasts about an hour. I prefer to find the time for this as when I skip too many days, I tend to get very stressed easily and struggle to deal with life usual ups and downs.

So I start with Yoga. This is my go to exercise as it is not intensive, it is slow and peaceful. I can easily change the pace of my yoga session to relate to how much energy I have that day. This always gives me an indication of my tiredness, oncoming period or illness. By moving through the different postures I feel the different aches and pains of my body, I understand exactly where they are. Doing this I become very aware of my body, in a way that I wouldn’t be able to if I just got on with my day. Here how to increase the amount of yoga you do.

Next I do a full body work out that is timed for 7 minutes. This is from an app that I use which is called ‘Seven’. I love this because it get my heart racing and I am in these positions for short periods of time. 7 minutes is almost nothing when you look at a whole day of sitting around. I am starting to feel strength especially in my arms. For me the benefits of exercise compared to no exercise outlays the enjoyments of sitting around doing nothing.

After that I do Thai chi. My hubby and I find a youtube video that guides us through the moves. This is also only 8 min but if done everyday, it helps with many things like balance and awareness. This one is only done if it’s not such a busy day. I usually prioritize the others as I feel the Thai Chi is not something that I feel is better than the yoga I do.

If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Then lastly I like to do mediation. 10 min of guided meditation. I’m not worried about the noises that are around me when I do this as it is part of the meditation to focus on the body and breathing and not what is around you. This way in don’t get frustrated when I have typical household noises like kids and husbands. Fake it till you make it. One day I know I will meditate in a very peaceful place. Until then, I will be happy with what I can get in a busy household. As I get better at meditation, I will choose to do it for longer.

This sums ups what I do to keep my body moving. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. Health and exercise is my priority because this is what will keep me well, into old age. I will work hard on it now so I can carry on working hard on it for years to come.

Of course I struggle to do these daily but my aim is to exercise at least 3-4 mornings.

What is your favourite exercise to do?