Experience farm life in the Free State, South Africa

Experience farm life in the Free State, South Africa

We decided to have an experience on a farm in the free state of South Africa. 

As a traveling vegan, we like to understand and experience many things. This was a family friends farm that we went to go visit and we were glad we did.

We arrived at the farm and was welcomed to the farm by Ben, who is one of the two brothers that run this farm. This isn’t a fully working farm but working enough to experience and learn about the different aspects of the farm. 

We first got shown the wonderful guest house that we will be staying in. It was a very large 3 bedroom apartment decorated in a very modern and comfortable way. 

We immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. 

We began by having some lunch over looking the dam, which was very dry at the time. When we arrived, they had still been waiting for some good rain and it looked that way. Very dry all over the place. 

We had the experience of helping Ben get some hay for the farm. This was an experience as he didn’t want to bring the fork lift as it would be a bit to long for only 3 barrels of hay. So he brought the trailer and rolled them onto the trailer. 

We took a drive into the little town of Koppies where Ben had to get a few things for the farm and we also experienced their drive through alcohol shop. This was an experience.

We all got on the safari truck and went for a little drive to see the ostriches and springbok. This was so peaceful. As the sun was setting we stopped to have a little drink while watching the animals in the distance.


We got back and chilled out while having some burgers and a few drinks before heading to bed. 

The next morning we woke up and had a bit of breakfast before spotting the ostriches which we had a bit of food for them to eat. There was a bunch of baby ostriches which was the sweetest. My little one really enjoyed seeing them so close. 


We helped walk the sheep to the oat and Japanese radish field. We pulled a bunch of radish out to take back. 

Once we got back we got onto the safari truck and to a drive to go see the donkeys. It took a while to find them but when we did, we had a whole lot of carrots to give them which they were very happy to have some cold carrots on a hot day. 

Once we got back, we had a bit of a chilled time. This gave my daughter a chance to just play around before heading out on a little sundowner safari again. 

Then a lovely big fire was started to sit around and have some food. A we were vegan we brought some vegetable kebabs and some vegan braai sausages. 

We all sat around the fire and relaxed. 

The next morning we visited the ostriches again, or really, they visited us. Then we got a whole bunch of radishes again for the sheep. 

Then back to have a a lovely breakfast and pack up ready to go.

This was such a lovely trip and a little taster before heading to Marloth Park bear the Kruger National Park. 

A massive thank you to Ben and his partner Bronwyn for making us feel so comfortable and teaching us so much.