Travellers: Family Travellers Want To Meet You Too.

Travellers: Family Travellers Want To Meet You Too.

Travellers: Family Travellers Want To Meet You Too.

Family travellers are different to solo travellers

I’ve never travelled alone so my information comes from conversations I’ve had friends that I have met while travelling and from experiences of travelling as a family. 

Travelling can be stressful no matter who you travel with. New countries, new languages, new types of food. It can all get a bit overwhelming. Many time while travelling, I would rely on my husband to communicate and visa verse. It takes a lot to get the confidence to find out new information and attempt communicating.

Chatting to new people and trying to make friends can be interesting when you travel as a family. Many people assume that if you are in a couple or have children that you don’t want to talk. I have noticed it while travelling.

When you travel alone, it is easier to start conversations and create new friends. People who don’t have children or experience with children tend to think that they should disturb family travellers. To be honest, if you don’t understand kids then it might be problematic. Family travellers tend to do family oriented things. They base the day around the kids naps, hunger and struggles. This shouldn’t stop anyone from chatting to travelling families.

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Just because they have kids spent mean they don’t want to meet new people just like you. Many parents of young kids are in their 20/30s which is the same age of many solo travellers. Family travellers are the same just with less nights out.

In conclusion, the only difference between family travellers and solo travellers are probably the amount of alcohol consumption. Family travellers can’t really have an active night life as we have kids and the day was probably so full of activity that you just want to head back and relax while the kids sleep. As a family traveller, we tend to do some different things and we always have snacks so say hi.

All travellers travel to experience new things, try new foods and meet new people. This includes couples, solo travellers and family travellers.

So if you see other travellers, then say hi, they’re are probably just as eager to get new people as you are.

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