Why I choose one favourite outfit for the season. -Hacking Parenthood

Why I choose one favourite outfit for the season. -Hacking Parenthood

Why I choose one favourite outfit and wear that for the season.

Simplicity should be brought into our daily lives. It should surround us. Complicated life breeds stress. I have started simplifying my wardrobe. I generally pick my favourite outfit and wear it every day. My winter wardrobe is very basic. One jacket, one jumper, one pair of shoes and about 6/7 tops, socks and underwear and 2 pairs of trousers.

My summer wardrobe is similar, just adding one pair of sandals and one pair shorts for the hot days. The tops I have are more strappy for the summer.

I used to be very aware of trying to put outfits together, and never wearing the same clothes. It was very complicated and frustrating. I would end up wanting to go shopping for new clothes as I would be bored of the ones I had. This, in turn, created a cycle of constantly needing to buy new clothes as the new clothes would make the old clothes look very old.

Recently, when I buy new clothes, it will be something that I need and will focus on using for a long period. The new item must fit in with the rest of my clothes as I don’t want the feeling that the clothes I am wearing feel old.

I received an old pair of jeans from a friend and have been wearing them for a couple of years, the colour was really faded and they were looking a bit worn. I revamped them with a dark blue dye and now they look like new jeans. Sometimes you don’t need to buy new, you just need to revamp what you have and appreciate them more.

Having a small wardrobe can be very hard for many people as it is the expectation of society that we dress in different types of clothes to portray the idea that you are well off and can afford it. Once you have moved away from this expectation, then your are ready to pick your most favourite items of clothing and only wear them. The magic of a small wardrobe is that you never have to put on that frumpy top that you hate wearing but end up wearing for one reason or another. If you don’t have the said frumpy top, you never have to worry. If you only have your favourite items, you can be sure that the clothes you put on for that day will make you feel amazing.

Think about it. When you do buy a new load of clothes, they are the clothes that tend to be worn often over the next few days/weeks. They are your favorite clothes until you buy new ones that most of the time, don’t go with your old ones. You then wear the new ones more often than the old ones. This goes on and on. Over flowing your wordrope. Taking up space. That’s a trip to the charity shop and then a trip to the shop to get new clothes, which will sooner rather than later end up at the charity shop.

So what, if the jacket you have worn all winter is the most overly decorated Vivienne Westwood or the most brightly coloured jacket from your favourite store. If it’s your favourite you will be happy to put it on daily.  Same with a jumper. If you are into your fashion then you can be sure that your favourite jumper will show that, it could be an interesting cut or a certain print. Having a simple wardrobe doesn’t mean boring. It means you are taking away the unnecessary problem of picking an outfit for the day because you will just pick from such a small selection that you will be ready in no time! See my post about how to let go of things you think you need.

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring (Etsy)
One coat for winter doesn’t have to be boring (Etsy)

My wardrobe is very simple, I spend almost no time deciding what to wear for the day or what to pack for a weekend. It can be hard though to change the thoughts in your mind about wearing mostly the same clothes every day. We are so ingrained, that we cannot even dare to wear the same clothes over two days let alone a period of a week.

Would you wear one outfit for a whole season?

Why I choose one favourite outfit for the season. -Hacking Parenthood

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