When you finally realise its teething -Hacking Parenthood

When you finally realise its teething -Hacking Parenthood

Ever had one of those weeks. You know the ones, too tired, too tired and too tired. Your little one doesn’t sleep well, doesn’t play well and is just being annoying. This is not the same girl from last week. This one is different, I’m not sure I can handle this one. Can I just swap, please?

So, she’s had a runny nose and we’ve just been through about a month of coughs and colds. Which means I’m getting a bit sick of being sick. I’m worried she has a cold AGAIN! Why! The sun has been out and we’ve been loading up on Vitamin D so WTF! She’s moody and moany and squeeky and whiny. Iv had a headache for most of the week.

Then, on the past Friday, I had noticed that she has some teeth coming through. Her incisors. Well, now I know why she’s been really tricky to look after and why Iv been feeling like crap all week! Teething. The perils of motherhood. I wish she could have just told me in the beginning of the week, so I could prepare for it. When you know its teething, you are not worried about sickness, or why she’s not sleeping well. You know why.

Now I know its teething, I get it. I can make her life easier and mine as well. Ever had that happen, that you kinda wish you knew what was wrong so you could deal with it more confidently?

A great tip for teething is frozen Peas. They are a favourite here, also frozen blueberries, chocolate nice cream (made with frozen bananas and cocao powder). You can pour any smoothie into a lollie maker and let your little one nibble on that. These are great for numbing the area.

Knowing why she is crying make it easier to deal with. I understand and can help her.

Signs for teething to look out for.

-Not happy with her usual choices

-Wakes up quite upset and not wanting anything even a biscuit 🙁

-Runny Nose

-Squeeky/whiney, unable to communicate normally

-You having sleepless nights and being moody in the days.

-Nappy Rash

Once you know the signs then you expect what is coming and that makes it easier to deal with. So, before you go completely mad, just check their teeth. Something might be moving inside! Good luck mummas!

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When you finally realise its teething -Hacking Parenthood