Cycling with a 10 month old baby in a sling -Hacking Parenthood

Cycling with a baby in a sling -Hacking Parenthood

Getting back on the bike can be a scary thing, especially when you have you baby with you. I decided to wait for my little one to be at least 6 months before going on the bike. I knew I would put her in a sling until she is big enough for a bike seat.

It was a lovely sunny day and my bike was summer ready. So I jumped in the shower, while my husband made lunch for us. Got little one ready, and put her on my back with my ‘mei Tai’. I put her on my back because after doing my research about which would be safer. She wasn’t big enough for a bike seat but was very happy to be in the Mei Tai. I can control the amount of bounce she gets from the bike and can get off the bike quick enough if I need to do anything. Walked to the bike path (this was the road bit which I wasn’t confident riding on) and began the 2-hour journey.

We had a picnic stop halfway to refresh our energies and give little one a bit of time to crawl around and stretch her legs.It is a quite tiring ride with a baby on your back, but it was such a nice feeling to be free on the canal river. I do miss is so much when it’s winter. Far too cold to get out when it’s winter as I worry that my little one will be too hot or too cold.
It was about 15min before my destination and the canal path was closed for works. This was really annoying, the path was diverted onto the road, it was a quite street so I was very confident in riding with little one on my back. Except that feeling that you don’t know where the diversion is taking you and it’s uphill, I almost wanted to turn back and go all the way home. I stop for a few nuts and seeds and some water, then thought that it couldn’t be that far. It wasn’t, then very next road was downhill all the way back to the canal.

Made it to the group at the park, was a bit hard to figure out who was part of the group but it turned out that most of the people there were there for the group. My little one was the youngest, so we just watched the other kids play.

I was a bit tired to cycle the 2 hours back home, so got a train home. This is the best part of cycling along the canal, there is usually a train stop to take a break.

In Places like Denmark and Amsterdam, its quite common to carry baby while riding the bike. I understand that places like that have more cycle paths and bicycles, but I knew I wouldnt be cycling on the road and will be only on the cycle paths. This gave me the confidence to get on my bike.

Only get back on your bike if you feel confident and are used riding around. Good luck.

Do you cycle with your children?

Cycling with a 10 month old baby in a sling -Hacking Parenthood