People have forgotten how to share -Hacking Parenthood

People have forgotten how to share. -Hacking Parenthood

Adults have this thing about kids having to share. Whether it’s a book at home or a toy in the playground. Kids have to share things all the time. It doesn’t seem to matter whose it is. I don’t actually know the real etiquette of sharing toys as I haven’t bothered to find out. So that made me wonder about how adults share. How do they do it? Adults don’t like to share. This is a problem for society.

Ok, maybe they do share or want to share but as a society, sharing isn’t really accepted anymore. People like sharing and it could be that they don’t like ‘asking’ other adults to share. As a society, if you have to ask someone to share something, that would denote that you can not afford this item. Which means you are looked at to be poor. Being poor seems to be looked down upon and poor people are thought to be lazy. The idea that poor people are lazy is so far from the truth, but that is another matter to chat about.

Where is the day that you can go to your next door neighbour and ask for some sugar like they used to do? Well, those days have been replaced with fear. Fear of who that neighbour and what they do to their sugar. Better to get a new bag of sugar from the shops or do with out. So, why do we trust the shops more than our neighbours? This could be down to the media. We are constantly bombarded with information about all the bad things that happen in your area. Health and safety could be another reason that makes people scared to share things.

Sharing used to be a way to communicate and begin friendships with your neighbours, but we tend to buy things we need now. If you need to mow the lawn, just buy a new one, forget that both your neighbours on either side of the fence have brand new ones in the shed waiting to be used a few times.

My journey of minimalism has opened me up to the idea of sharing. Imagine if you didn’t need to buy a new dress for the night and you could ask your friend or neighbour to borrow theirs. That way, you strengthen your friendship with sharing, you learn to appreciate items you have because others need to use them and you don’t go out to the shops as much. A win in all aspects.

People in general love to help their fellow beings, it’s a sort of innate mentality to want to help others in need. We forget this, we think that we don’t want to bother anyone, the truth is, we have this ingrained fear that had been built up by things like health and safety, media and news. These things make it harder for people to remember that they can help.

Have you asked anyone to share something that they have? Do you think they were happy to do so?

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People have forgotten how to share -Hacking Parenthood