Friday Easy Favourites Fashion Hacking Parenthood

Friday Etsy Favourites :: Fashion -Hacking Parenthood

Even though I don’t enjoy being part of the fashion industry, I do still love checking out the trends. What better place to do it than Etsy. This is where you can find items that are unique and fun.

I’m hopefully going to do this every Friday. Finding The best items on Etsy for you. This week is Fashion, so it’s all about ‘off the shoulder’. I am loving this trend as it is very breastfeeding proof. It’s like fashion is finally coming on to our side. Last summer it was high necks. Hello, lower necks!!

I practice minimalism, so I know this is a bit contradictory, but hear me out. Just because I don’t buy many new clothes, doesn’t mean I don’t love finding unique clothes. I still love shopping for unique styles. This way I can share with my followers my favourite without having to fill my closet. If you love something that you feel is perfect for your closet then get it. Summers here!

It’s practically just me sharing my own drooling finds.

Friday Easy Favourites Fashion Hacking Parenthood1. Lycra Festival bodysuit– Now, I’m not shy with prints, and those frills can make any woman feel good.

2. Summer Gypsy top. Who remembers these gypsy tops from the 90’s or was it the naughties? Well, they are back and ready to make you feel like you don’t have a job and you’re sipping cocktails on the beach!!

3. Chilled out dip dye top– A taster of the hippy with none of the hippy.

4. Vegan off the shoulder– What would my first fashion round up be if I didn’t have a vegan top?

5. Off the shoulder moon jumper– My little one constantly asks to see the moon after her bath every night, so I have moons on my mind.


Friday Easy Favourites Fashion Hacking Parenthood

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