Get Your Kids Outside And Active This Summer

Get Your Kids Outside And Active This Summer

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate your kids, and move them away from a cartoon marathon on the T.V. However, once they’ve got up, got outside, and got stuck into a game or a sport; they end up loving the activity and exercise they’re doing. There are a few different ideas you can try, to get your little ones physically active this summer, which will ensure no more restless summer night’s sleep in the school holidays.


Challenges, Clubs, And Camps

There’s nothing like something different and new to tempt and intrigue kids to give something a try. Whether it’s a team sport or an exciting activity; if you give it enough enthusiasm (and advertising), your kids will want to see what it’s all about. Look into any summer clubs that are happening around your local area; very often these crop up over the summer, and it’s an alternative form of traditional childcare if you still have to work. Maybe your kids are already into a particular football team; sign them up for a club, and tempt them with the promise of new friends, and new skills.


Talk to your kids about the importance of staying active and keeping fit, and throw in some ideas of skills that would be cool to learn, like swimming, tennis, and badminton. You could give them a daily challenge to hone their keepie-uppie skills; send them out into the garden and time how long they can do it, encouraging them to improve their time. The more enthusiastic you are, and the more education you give your kids on various activities, the more inclined they’ll be to stop playing computer games and get outside. Check out the website for summer sports clubs and camps for your little ones.


Moving forward from giving your kids a new passion and challenge; you’ll need to keep the momentum up. Encouraging healthy competition, even just between siblings or, for fun, between your child and a parent, is an exciting way to keep them motivated to keep going. You could oversee (or get involved; more on that later) daily races in the garden when the weather is sunny.

 Let them know that they’ll receive something fun, like a certificate or a medal, when it comes to September and returning to school; but, only if they keep up their exercise, or attending their new club. You could have a look at the store for some ideas on a thoughtful and entertaining reward-tactic.


Get Yourself Involved

The best way to educate your kids is always to lead by example. If you’re to incorporate physical activities and exercise into your memorable family days out, then you’re onto a winner. You’ll be getting fit, and your kids will develop a love for something as they’ll have positive associations with it later in life. Even if it’s driving out to the countryside for a day of walking and exploring; you’ll all be out of the house, having a jam-packed and enjoyable summer’s day.