Guide to Spark Adobe for bloggers -Hacking Parenthood

Guide to Spark Adobe for bloggers -Hacking Parenthood

I’m going to go through a ‘How to’ about using Spark adobe for bloggers. I’ve been using it no for a month and I am loving it. I have to share it with you. Usually, I use Canva, but I’m just going to use this from now on. It’s free as well. I’m not sure for how long but if it switches to paid, I’ll be happy to pay.

Firstly, sign up. Once you have logged in, you will get a page like this below. This will have your old projects as well as a nice yellow button with a plus sign in it to begin a new project.

Then you can decide whether you want to start a post, page or video. For basic images for your blog, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others, you just need to click on ‘Post’.





Next, you need to enter what you want to be said on your image. This will be automatically added to the image. Once you’ve decided what to write if anything. You can then pick the image size. The options are very clear so if you want it for facebook, you can choose that option and it will automatically make the image the perfect size for that.







You can now edit what they have given you. Starting with the photo. Click on the background photo and 3 icons will appear above it. Choose the ‘replace’ icon.


This will give you a bunch of options to choose an image. You can either choose to upload your own image or click on ‘Find photos’. This will bring up the option to search for images related to the topic of your choice.









Now, to edit the text, you need to click on the text and this will bring up options to edit. You will see a circle with a green smaller circle like in the image below. Click and hold this green circle and follow the path of the larger circle. This will go through many different options for text.

If you aren’t happy with the options, you can edit the text yourself. Select the option of shapes and this will give you many backgrounds for your text. You can change the font. You can ply around with the ‘spacing’ and ‘Align’ icons to choose your favourite layout.









Once you have chosen your layout and are happy with the result. You can share the image to where ever you need to. Here’s my finished product. If you like, pin it. Please.

.Guide to Spark Adobe for bloggers -Hacking Parenthood