Helping you out of your addiction to spending. -Hacking Parenthood

Helping you out of your addiction to spending. -Hacking Parenthood

Society has an addiction to spending. We are a society of spenders. We buy things constantly, whether it’s food, clothes, household items or gifts. There seems to be no end. Once you buy something new, the things around it seem to look old. So you feel the need to buy new things to surround the item you have already bought. Who has had this happen to them, I know I have. I buy a new top to wear with my jeans, then my jeans start to look old. New jeans make my shoes look old. It goes on.

This is very frustrating, there seems to be a constant need for the new ideal. With trends of shops changing monthly, this doesn’t help us and our money pockets. We are consumers and the places that are trying to get us to consume spend large amounts of money to make us consume what they have.

After finding out about minimalism at the beginning of this year, I formed new ideas in my head on what spending and consuming means to me. I made some big decisions on the items I have in my household and how relative they are to me, why I need them. Many items I was keeping for no other reason than if the person who gave me these items saw these items, then they would see how much they mean to me. This is something I have a change in my thought systems. I now know that keeping these things just cause me more stress. Clutter. The clutter that surrounded me was not visible to me until I realised the reasons why I kept things.

I used to remember a saying ‘Only buy what you need’. I never understood exactly what that meant. I often went shopping thinking that I needed that new pillow or top. I need those new shoes that I will only wear once because those are the only pairs left in the shop in my size, so it’s meant to be. Changing the root of the reasons for buying items can really help you stop the need to spend.

Knowing the process of buying new items does increase the possibility of buying more things associated with that new items. This can help you try to understand that you might not need this new item. In other words, be happy with what you have and you will be happy. I feel like I have just splurted out a Chinese proverb but what I’m trying to say is that you should be happy with what surrounds you in regards to the items you own.

Having a capsule wardrobe helps you define everything you need in your closet and makes it clear whether or not you need a new item. Having the capsule wardrobe helps you really think about what you buy next and whether it goes with the rest of your clothes.

Clearing rooms and tables of items that have no use. Knick-knacks that just collect dust and take up space, old magazines that you don’t look at anymore, toys that aren’t played with. If you have 2 of something, keep one and donate the other. Have a look at my post about understanding how and how you can clear your things.

Changing the way you think is how you can change what happens to you. Changing your core belief of the need to spend will help stop the need to spend.

Helping you out of your addiction to spending. -Hacking Parenthood