Helping Kids Learn To Read – As Easy As ABC!

For most parents, hearing their children read out loud for the very first time is a fantastic moment. You will now be able to read books together, and their bedtime stories will be a much more communal experience. However, encouraging some kids to read can be quite difficult. After all, we all learn at different speeds, and some children are more natural readers than others. Do you find that your child is struggling to learn basic words and phrases that they read? If so, you might find these great tips invaluable!


Read To Your Child From An Early Age


Ideally, reading should become a passion of your child’s, one that they will want to do as much as possible. The more they do it, the better they will get at it. And the best way to instil this hobby as a passion from an early age is to read to your child as much as possible. Even if you just read to them before they can read themselves. Not only will this help them foster a passion for reading, but it will also help them increase their vocabulary from a very young age.


Encouraging reading


  You might want to suggest that they create a reading area with some primary school library furniture as this will create a positive environment for reading. You might also like the idea of restoring you bookshelf with a wide range of books for different ages. This can encourage you child to read and see different levels of reading.


Set A Good Example


Kids learn from examples so you will need to set a good example yourself when it comes to reading. Even if your child is very passionate about reading from a very young age, they might get bored of this activity as they get older if they do not see you and your partner reading often. You don’t have to always read books and novels – reading the daily newspaper will also set a very good example.


Encourage Plenty Of Writing


Reading and writing go together like two peas in a pod, so it is important that you encourage writing as well as reading. You should always have paper and crayons available for your child to play with whenever they want. When they are young, they could simply draw pictures to tell a story. Once they get older, they can start to play around with words to accompany these images. You will find that children who regularly try to write will become a lot quicker with their reading.


Helping your child to read will be beneficial for the both of you. Not only will it improve their education, but it will also give you an extra excuse to spend time together and play!