My highly recommended travel documentary films on Netflix - Hacking Parenthood

My highly recommended travel documentary films on Netflix – Hacking Parenthood

My highly recommended travel documentary films on Netflix - Hacking ParenthoodMy Top Travel documentary films to watch on Netflix.

Documentaries are my thing, anything to see a glimpse of real life or the truth makes me feel like I have learnt something. Usually, I watch food documentaries but recently been watching more travel. I enjoy watching food travel but that’s mainly about food. So just travel feels so much more than food. You can see the frustrations of travel and the excitement of new places and new cultures.

This is also spurred on by the fact we will be travelling soon. Watching these documentaries are inspiring and encouraging in the way that through the troubles of travel you can always perceiver.

Departures. This is about two guys who take a year out and travel through the world meeting up with friends and sometimes not. Always trying to make the most of where they are. There are 3 seasons and they go to some remote inspiring places.

Given. This is a beautiful film about a family travelling through 15 countries narrated by their 6-year-old son. So full of love and learning. The parents Daize and Aamion Goodwin are legendary surfers. This is worth the watch especially when you even just thinking about travel with your family.

Expedition Happiness. A young couple from Amsterdam and their beautiful dog go to America to refurbish a yellow school bus. They travel through to Alaska and then back down south. This film is a way to show how travelling on a bus can be. The beautiful areas in the country and the struggles of visas. It’s full of laughter and sadness but the pursuit of happiness is very vivid and fluid.

Travels with my Father. Jack Whitehall a British comedian travels the world with his father who tends to like the better things in life. This is full of laughs and reminds you that you should just let go and enjoy yourself.

If you believe you can then you will.

The kindness Diaries. About a man travelling the world in his sidecar of the kindness of others. He will have no money, no place to stay and nothing to eat. He has to find kind people to help him with gas/petrol, food and a place to stay. This really opens your mind and heart to the kindness of others. No matter where you are you can find it. This series is full of highs and lows and frustrations. Mainly full of love and kindness.

On Yoga: the Architecture of Peace. This one is about the journey of a photographer who was in an accident and damaged the arm he uses the most. He decided to stop photographing famous people and move his sights on to Yogi’s. this is a journey of inward growth full of love for others but mostly finding the love within.

These films and documentaries are enough to make you feel like you need to pack up and start travelling. Why not. If you believe you can then you will. It’s just about changing your mindset and your lifestyle. If you don’t want to then just enjoy watching some great documentaries.

If you have any others, please share them with me.