How I made my first Affiliate sale as a new blogger -Hacking Parenthood

How I made my first Affiliate sale as a new blogger. -Hacking Parenthood

Trying to make money as a blogger can get frustrating, especially when you are putting every free minute into it. So when I made my first affiliate sale, I was excited. Excited to also share this with my community. Just in case anyone wants to try to start their journey as a blogger.

I only have 2hrs a day to spend on my blog because that is my daughter’s nap time. So I have to be so careful with what I spend my time doing. Many of my friends and family know that when my daughter sleeps, I don’t talk to anyone, this is my time to get things done. So I do, I’m working on my blog, writing posts, constantly learning from other bloggers.

My motto in my head is ‘Slowly, Slowly wins the race’. I know I will get to where I want to be. My journey will take a bit longer than many other bloggers as I’m so limited on time. This is no excuse though, I have scheduled every day to help me move forward and get to where I want to be. Having the opportunity to be at home with my daughter is something I am going to hold onto, and if I can stay at home and earn money from my blogging then I am going to do it.

So here’s how you can make you first affiliate sale.

  1. Start a blog. This way, you can have a great platform to share your content.
  2. Content is key. This is the best way to keeping your blog authentic and what people want to hear. People love reading great posts about what you want to say. This world is so full of different types of people, if you have something to say, there will always be someone who wants to read it.
  3. Sign up to an affiliate. I have tried many different affiliates as a new blogger. It can be hard to find the best one when you don’t have many views on your website. So for me, the best affiliate associate for a blogger that is just starting off is Awin. Once you have signed up to Awin, you can work with Etsy to create some awesome gift guides, or just write a post about something you love. Etsy is a great affiliate to work with as we all love Etsy. I can spend hours just looking at great items.
  4. Share your blog on social media. This is where your audience is when you are just starting off as a blogger. Once you know what you blog is about, you can find you niche readers in different groups.

Let me know how you get on. I find that working with Etsy was the best way to start earning money as more people are will to shop at Etsy Try it out. This post also contains affiliates.

How I made my first Affiliate sale as a new blogger -Hacking Parenthood