How often do you eat unripe fruit? -Hacking parenthood

How often do you eat unripe fruit? -Hacking parenthood

How ripe are your fruits? How many times have you bought fruit from the supermarket and you have tried to eat it and it’s too hard or too bitter? I wonder how many times you’ve eaten fruit and never actually tasted a ripe one? The diet I eat is a plant based and whole foods one so I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. This is why I started thinking about the fruit we eat and whether it’s ripe yet.

As I walk through the supermarket fruit section and see lots of fruit, many of them are so far from ripe that I am not sure people actually know when they will be ripe. Myself included. When I buy plums from the supermarket, I now know that I have to leave them in the draw for 2-3 weeks before they are ready to eat i.e. soft and juicy. Peaches and pears as well. Melons and pineapples. Do we actually know when our fruits are ripe?

Many fruits are being sold as ‘ripen at home’. They tend to be cheaper as they have a longer shelf life to the ‘ripe and ready to eat’ range. Would you know how long you have to wait before eating these fruits? It can be from a few days to a few weeks. If you are anything like me, you tend to buy food for the week, not for the future. Even I have eaten the fruits from the ripen at home label and they haven’t tasted their best.

Bananas are easy to know if they are ripe or not because the colour changes from green to yellow. Many of the fruit we buy have a skin surrounding them that doesn’t tend to change colour so you struggle to know when the fruit is ripe.

We need to be more aware of the fruit we eat. Eating bitter fruits that are not ripe don’t tend to have all the goodness and usually taste starchy which isn’t very nice. Eating the fruit at its best encourages you to eat more fruits and fills you up better. Eating mostly fruits is great for your body as it’s so full of many different vitamins and minerals. Your body processes them with ease when they are nice and ripe and your mind feels great afterwards.

I found a great source for knowing when your fruit and vegetables are ripe here.

Take charge of what you eat and make sure you are eating the foods at the best time. You won’t enjoy it if you don’t.

How often do you eat unripe fruit? -Hacking parenthood