5 tips on How to include yoga into your life. -Hacking Parenthood

5 tips on How to include yoga into your life. -Hacking Parenthood

5 tips on How to include yoga into your life

The minute anyone says exercise, our minds shut down and starts finding reasons why we can’t do more than we are already doing. There no space in my mind to do anything else other than what I’m already doing. Yoga is not exercise.

Yoga is said to be the ea brunette woman staring at a lake with trees in the distance, holding her hands above her head stretching.lixir of youth. I agree, I also think eat plant based food is an extra elixir of youth. I’m still young, so how could I say or know anything about getting old. I don’t know, but I love seeing and speaking to older woman and men who do know. You can see the youth in them. They walk and talk as if old age is far away. One of the most common sayings is ‘if you don’t use it, you will lose it’. Yoga is about constantly knowing your body, it’s not about flexibility, or strength or ability. Those things come from yoga. People don’t need these to do yoga. What you do need is the ability to get a mat or blanket and put it on the floor. That is all. As its part of my resolutions, I wanted to help you get to your mat.

15 minutes of time a day. 

That is all you need to start. If you can sit on a couch and watch tv then you can find the time. Yoga is about relaxing and refreshing. You will feel great doing 15min of yoga before sitting down to watch some tv. When you wake up, do some just before you check Facebook. Then you can have guilt free Facebook checking.

 Kids love seeing you do yoga.

Yes, they will hold your leg, want breastmilk, pull your hair. This is part of mum yoga. If you lower your expectations of what yoga is, especially if you have kids. Then you will enjoy yoga more. You will also start to notice that they want to try it out as well. Yoga has some really fun positions that kids would just love to do. Sneak in some breathing and hey presto, they are meditating. Even if it is just for a few minutes.

Lower your expectations

Moving on from the previous tip, lowering your expectations is key to enjoying the time on the mat. Yoga is all about breathing and seeing where you are at. Slow moving and never pushing yourself too far. All about reaching your own potential, not the person next to you. Yoga teachers have done yoga for years, they know their own potential and constantly work at it. When I started yoga, I couldn’t do 1 pushup. Now I can do 1. I hope to do more but for now, I will perfect this one.

Put ‘yoga’ into YouTube. 

YouTube is full of everything you ever want to learn. Tutorials, classes for beginners and professionals. Just pick a video and start. Do what you can and don’t do what you can’t. This is very important. Don’t do what you aren’t ready to do. Simple. Just breathe through it. there is nothing wrong if you can’t bend down or struggle to hug your knees. Eventually, you will be able to do it, for now, just be easy on yourself. Yoga lets you be easy on yourself, this helps for when you are not doing yoga.

Let go of the ego. 

Ego is the worst human trait. It’s what makes us angry and resentful. It hurts others. It stops you from experience the fullness of what life has to offer.

Ego has been a massive thing for me to let go of. I still struggle. They say, only you can be happy. This is true. You control your feelings. No one can make you happy, they can make you feel good, but that is not happy. Stop blaming others for your own mistakes. They have their own mistakes. We all do. We are all trying. Ego comes in and says it’s their fault that you feel like this. It’s not. Let go and you will feel what happy is.

So get your laptop, put a blanket on the floor and click play. See where your journey takes you. I feel like, without yoga, I would be where I am. It’s helped me to be mindful, be happy and let go of so much that was keeping me down. I might be young but you’ll be surprised what is keeping you stagnant.

Putting the blanket/mat is the hardest part of doing yoga, just do it.

5 tips on How to include yoga into your life. -Hacking Parenthood