Sometimes a Really Cheap Holiday Ends Up Being The Best-Langkawi

Sometimes a Really Cheap Holiday Ends Up Being The Best- Langkawi, Malaysia


While staying in Penang, we decided to do a small trip out to LangKawi. After seeing deals for flights out I looked into where we could stay. I found a motel on the north side of the beach which had amazing reviews even though it was a 1 star place.

The prices were great and I would be able to get the flights and motel for under £100. Not bad for a holiday for three night with a family of three.

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We went for the deal. This was our first little holiday within our travels. So we packed our bags and made our way to the airport. The flight out was at 19:50 and we got to the airport pretty early to miss the work traffic. We had plenty of time to kill so my husband decided to try out one of the lounges at the airport. It was quite relaxing and we had plenty of food to eat.

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On the plane and off to LangKawi. It was a 30min flight so we went up and then down straight away. We arrived when it was dark. They had grab there. We need to get a few things at the shops so we would have food for the morning. We got the taxi driver to stop at the shop for us to get something and then drop us off at the motel. Once we got to the motel, we checked in and was mostly ready for bed. The room was a room. Had a shower room and most of the furniture seemed quite used. Very clean place though. We started have doubts as to whether this place was going to be good. We fell asleep unsure about the place.

Once we woke up, I went outside to go see what the place was about. As soon as I walk out I noticed the beautiful trees and walk way outside he rooms. Then I look towards my left and was hit with the beautiful view of the sea. It was amazing. The sun was rising and I was a few meters from the beach. All the worries about the room fell away because I knew where we would be spending most of the day.

We met another couple and they told us that it’s a short walk to the shops to get some supplies. We took a short cut along the beach.

Walking to the shops really made me feel that I was in the countryside of Malaysia. No condos, not massive houses. Just small roads and tiny houses.


We where getting close to the shops when it started raining. It was warm rain and I felt wonderful. We found the fruit and veg stalls and managed to get enough fruit and veg for our stay. We got a grab taco back to the motel.

My daughter was very eager to start playing on the beach. So we went down, did a bit of playing on the beach and I made a makeshift umbrella with palm tree leaves that were lying around.

I was getting hungry so it was time to get eat some lovely fruit that we got from the market. Sitting on the deck chair with the beautiful view of the beach eating wonderful mangoes was just what we needed.

After a while we decided to walk along the beach about 50m to the next beach. This one was even better. The tide was in and the water was warm. We found a shady bit where the sand was just perfect for sand castles. Lots of swimming and building sand castles. The beach was full off wonderful tiny shells that my daughter and I used to decorate our sand castles.

Then we walked back to the motel and tried out their shared kitchen. It looked like a beach bar. While cooking you have the view of the sea and the palm trees.

We made some noodles and veg and sat staring out into the sea. This place was pretty magical.

Last walk out onto the beach before bedtime. It seem my daughter could live on the beach the way she wanted to spend every second there.

The next morning was another beautiful morning at this wonderful place. We got ready after a bit of breakfast and went to try out one of the vegetarian/vegan restaurant on the island.

It was called The Fat Frog. We had a delicious meal with more beautiful surroundings.

After that we headed to what was supposed to be the most beautiful beach in Malaysia.

We got a taxi to take us. He was more interested in selling us the local tours, also tried to drop us off at the beach just before saying we could sit on the chair for a fee. I said no, we want to go to the Tunjung Rhu beach. He seem a bit pissed off, probably because he gets commission for the seat and also it’s a bumpy ride to the next beach.

I am glad we told him to carry on. Once we started walking onto this beach, we could see why the place was said to be the most beautiful beach. It was breathtakingly, spectacular.

What we didn’t realise was that the few shops and bar they did have only takes cash and we had about £6 on us in Rinngits.

So my husband tried to sort out some cash by going to a cash machine but to no avail.

My daughter and I were swimming the whole time in the warm water. It wasn’t a crowded beach at all, there were a few people but mostly secluded.

We got to talking to some people who actually offered to help us with our money situation.

Afterwards, we all had a wonderful swim we went to go get a drink at the bar. We were all very relaxed and just enjoying this time on a wonderful beach.

The sun was starting to set and we were thinking of heading back. The hubby got some drink and my daughter wanted to just play in the sand.

We ended up staying during the sunset and it was again, spectacular. I got a coconut to drink at one of the stalls, she gave my daughter a free mango smoothie. We played and enjoyed the beach while the sun was setting.

I noticed a group of friends started doing yoga so I joined them for a while.

The sunset was mesmerising, the skies turned red as the sun was behind the mountains. My hubby and daughter where swimming in the ocean and I was drinking from a coconut enjoying the view.

Once it was dark we made our way back to the taxi and headed home to make some food before going to bed.

Our last day we were sad that we were leaving. My daughter wanted to go straight to the beach for a walk when she woke up. I took some plastic bags that I had from the fruit and veg market and used that to do a small beach clean up. It’s quite shocking what we found swept up on the beach.

We also found a flour sack which we filled with the rubbish as well.

Time for some breakfast and then head to the beach that was 50m away. The tide was out so it was shallow for a long way out. Still warm and enjoyable.

It was check out day so after playing with the sand. We headed back to pack our bags and check out.

We were still allowed to use the kitchen and sit around. So we made some food and tried to enjoy the place a little bit longer. My husband went to the shops to get some more mangoes and noodles to eat.

Then it was time to get the taxi back to the hotel to make our way back to Penang.

What an amazing trip, so relaxing and enjoyable. This is definitely a place I would like to come back to and enjoy again.

Sometime it’s worth going budget and you get to stay in some amazing places.

 Where have you been that was super cheap but super fun?