How to let go of things you think you need. -Hacking Parenthood

How to let go of things you think you need. -Hacking Parenthood

I want to talk about how to let go of things you think you will need in the future. We all have this problem of wanting to keep certain things because you might need it. Why do we do this? As humans, we are psychologically inclined to attach to things. We see things as our own. It is very hard to part with items we believe are ours.

In the case of items that we think we will use at a future date, this can be quite a struggle. Keeping that dress that you might fit into. Keeping those household/ garden chemicals that take up space. Keeping a draw or wires and cables. It’s very hard to give these things up. We have the fear that if it comes to the time you need it, you will feel a large amount of guilt if you have given that item away or binned it. So what can you do?

Change your mindset: If you have used something in the past few years/months, you are probably not going to use it in the future years/months. You’ve had it for a couple of years prior. Will it be out of date when you use it, will you know where it is when you need it. Chances are you have a bunch of items located in many different places, how are you going to know if you have it or not. You are lugging all these items around for the fear of needing them. Imagine if you got rid of these items, how much space would you have left?

Minimalism. This is the secret to only having what you need. If you have what you need, you probably don’t have many items. What you need are your daily/monthly/yearly items. This includes things you use every day as well as things you will need if the weather or occasion changes.

Borrow from friends and family. You might think this one is not even worth thinking about. You know that feeling when someone asks you to help them with something or they need to borrow something for an occasion. It’s that great feeling of helping, everyone loves to help out. This includes your friends and family. If you need some extra crockery for an evening, ask. If you need a new dress to wear for a night, ask a friend if they have one. We have this feeling in this day and age that everyone is out for themselves, that’s because people have forgotten how to share. Start learning to share with other and be open with your items. This way these items get used regularly.

Lastly, you can buy things when you need them. I say this because when you have tried all of the above, the item you need is probably going to be something that has an expiry date or something that needs to be replace or add to what you actually need. When you start to let go of things you don’t need, you are more likely to be strict about the new things in your life.

Let go of your things and start saving space.

How to let go of things you think you need. -Hacking Parenthood