How life changed for us and what will change for you. -Hacking Parenthood

How life changed for us and what will change for you. -Hacking Parenthood

Having a baby was the BEST and the worst thing that ever happened to my husband and I. My little daughter is now 20 months I just can’t believe what I’ve achieved since then.

I feel that once we had her, we sorted our lives out. Before we had her, we would spend many days sitting on the couch watching TV, mainly Netflix and other films. We would cook and eat whenever we wanted, go to sleep whenever we wanted, or not. We would go out whenever we wanted and have a drink whenever we wanted. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever. Well, the drinking stopped about eight months before I gave birth but I’d still go out and spend some time with my friends and then…

Our lives changed, now suddenly we were responsible for someone else. All our decisions were based on someone else, everything we ever thought of and did was for her now. This is the most magical thing to ever have a chance to do. Suddenly, you have something more to live for, you have more of a reason to do things. We did things. My husband started working as a self-employed app developer around the time when she was about six months, before that he was a chef and we would also do odd things here and there. We had my maternity pay to help with the bills, for the first 9 months, then it was completely up to my husband to earn the money for the family.

I was there at home trying different ways to earn money while looking after my daughter. Once he started getting his business up and running, we were able to have a regular income. It wasn’t much but at least we paid the bills and the food. We saved a lot of money by using cloth nappies and by breastfeeding. Now we don’t have much time to spend on leisure activities, but we still get time to watch TV and lie on the couch but it only a few episodes here and there. Most the time we usually have something to do whether it is work, looking after our daughter or just trying to have a break.  Life is happening and there is no turning back, so I’ve become a blogger and my husband is an app developer and most of our work is based online. This means we are really flexible with how we spend our time.

We can’t believe that this is what we’ve achieved in the past three years coming from a couple who was working in the food industry, now we working in the computer industry. Both of us believe that it’s very important to make sure that our businesses are online so we’re not stuck in one place, we went to be able to go places and take our work with us. We don’t really enjoy going on holiday and spending 2 to 3 weeks doing no work, trying to enjoy the holiday and spending money when we could get on with our time the way we enjoy.

So when I say that having a baby was the worst thing in my life I say because I was never ready for what was lying ahead, I had no idea and neither did he but we would never change it for the world and I don’t think we would be where we are today if it wasn’t for our daughter.

Life is going to change, if you just accept that, you will be amazed at how it changes for the better. If you fight it, you will be miserable.

You learn to live with less sleep, and that’s ok. I know if I had a lie in, I would just wake up.

You will be followed everywhere, watched all the time. To the loo, round the house. The only time you won’t be followed is when you are in a rush to get somewhere. Then suddenly they don’t want to do anything you want.

Being sick doesn’t mean anything anymore. Gone are the days when you could lie in bed all day to recover. LOL.

You have to share all your favourite food that you usually don’t even share with your spouse. Whatever you have, you need some strong will to not give in to a toddler who wants it. All they will do is slobber all over it, then pass it back. You will then proceed to eat it anyway.

You will be pushed to your limits, and your limits limits, but you will survive. Survival comes from knowing you are not alone. Find those baby groups, meet new mums, share your problems.

You will cry about everything, this is ok! Cry, cry and cry. You will feel better after. Built up emotion is hard to deal with when you have a child, so let it out.

You will feel love like you have never before.

I’m sure every mum and dad and carer understands this concept and knows that they would never want to change what they have.

Health wise, we were ready to have a baby. For everything else, I don’t think we would have ever been ready. We are now, we are where we want to be and glad we chose to have her when we did.

How life changed for us and what will change for you. -Hacking Parenthood