From South African Meat eater to Vegan in one night! 

From South African Meat eater to Vegan in one night! 

 From South African Meat eater to Vegan in one night!

Early 2013, I spent a lot of time watching documentaries on Netflix. I came across the documentary called ‘Forks over Knives’.

It changed my life.

I’ve always eaten lots of fruit and veg, even to the point that my husband (boyfriend at the time) would buy me fruit as treats rather than chocolates. There me with a massive bowl of fruit watching Netflix, that’s when I’m in my element. Originally, I am from South Africa, where you grow up having meat at every opportunity. Thinking that this is very healthy for our bodies. Milk and cheese at any given moment. Eating this way was normal, and healthy.  After watching ‘Forks over knives’ and seeing how and why a diet full of meat and processed food is very unhealthy for your body, hard to digest and the main cause of almost all of the top 10 causes of death.

This gave me the key to my health. I can do everything I can to prevent these diseases and look forward to this life I’ve been given. After watching the documentary, I began my journey of being vegan the next day. I chose to just jump straight into it and not go vegetarian first. Once you know the problems milk and dairy can do to your body, there’s no chance you want to put it in your body.

Things I noticed when I went vegan:

  • Stopped struggling with fatigue
  • Slimmed down. (I’ve always been size 10, now a slim 10)
  • My period got lighter and shorter
  • My mood became better
  • Became more regular
  • Proud to be compassionate

The downside to becoming vegan is that your eyes start opening to the cruelty of the world. This can be hard, but it helps to look for the good in the world because it is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes! I now understand the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’. We must not forget that bliss comes from knowledge. I now have the knowledge to help my body be all it can be. You can too.

What would it take for you to go vegan? Plant-based? Clean eating?

From South African Meat eater to Vegan in one night! 


2 thoughts on “From South African Meat eater to Vegan in one night! 

  1. It’s been knowing you the past two years that has helped me become vegan. I’ve always wanted to, we’ve been
    to Vegfest and I’ve known about the environmental possibilities for years. Having worked in development with
    some of the poorest people on the planet I learnt that you can utilise far more space growing rice and beans
    than animals and that this food can taste fantastic. When you told me about the three documentaries that were
    bound to turn you vegan we watched them but it didn’t work straight away. It’s taken another year but here I
    am, hoping it will make my menstrual cycles better and help me lose weight. I’m so proud not to be harming
    animals for pleasure any more! Thanks Annie x

    1. This is so nice to read! Thank you. I’m so glad you’ve taken steps to living better. 💚
      You’re welcome 💚

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