I live a plant based lifestyle and eat a plant based diet -Hacking Parenthood.
I live a plant based lifestyle and eat a plant based diet -Hacking Parenthood.
I live a plant based lifestyle and eat a plant based diet -Hacking Parenthood.

I live a vegan Lifestyle but eat a plant based diet. -Hacking Parenthood

Being Vegan means to abstain, as much as possible, from participating in the use of or eating animals and/or animal products. A plant-based diet is a diet consisting of only whole food and plant based items. This means nothing that has been processed or has more than 1 ingredient (within reason) can be eaten. I like to participate in both living a vegan lifestyle and eating a plant based diet.

I’m Vegan, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy to eat those vegan biscuits or have a meat replacement with every meal. I choose to mostly eat fruit and vegetables. I’m happy to have a full plate of just vegetables for dinner. In the past, we would have some sort of processed vegan item with our meals on a daily basis. Then we started noticing that we didn’t want to eat alternative meats every night, we now eat an alternative meat about 1-2 a month. I have 2 large drawers that get filled once a week with fruit and vegetable I believe, with the backup of some great studies, that a whole food and plant-based diet is the answer for preventing diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancers, dementia, arthritis… the list just goes on and on.

The one big problem with this diet is that when you prevent these horrific diseases, large corporations start to lose out on a lot of money. Meat and dairy industry, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals. They all rely on sick people and keeping people sick their entire lives so that they can carry on making money. This is a problem because the message that ‘Prevention is the cure’ will not be spread by the people that control and dictate our daily lives. There is no money in prevention. There no money in happiness. This sounds a bit like me preaching a conspiracy, it’s not. It is fact that if people stop eating meat and dairy, many industries, including those backed and funded by the government will lose out.

If people are healthy and happy, many industries start losing money. Once you start eating whole foods and plant based diet, you start losing weight, eventually, you will end up being your bodies normal weight. You start feeling better about yourself, have energy and just an all round feeling of goodness. Ask many people who eat this way whether they feel better for eating this way. I assure you that they would say yes.

My diet has everything to do with my health. My lifestyle has everything to do with my beliefs. My beliefs have changed in the past 10 years very dramatically. Compassion is one of the biggest things. Compassion for animals. I believe that every animal feels. They feel hurt when their young get taken away, they feel hurt when they are forced into confined spaces, they feel hurt when they standing in line to get killed. I will try my best to not participate in such a sad and disgusting practice. We kill animals to enjoy the food that in turn gives us a slow and unkind death. To be honest, that is karma. Animal based products cause 9/10 of the top causes of death in America. Did you know that terrorism is nowhere near any of these top causes? but that’s a whole other money making issue that I’m sure many people have opinions about.

Death by Animal based food is like one full aeroplane crashing every hour, every day. Imagine if that happened, would you be angry. Yes, that rate of death is disgusting when you consider how easy it is to stop it. Just take a minute to think about it.

This is why giving my daughter whole food and a plant-based diet is one of the most important ways I can help her be happy and healthy, kind and compassionate.

I live a plant based lifestyle and eat a plant based diet -Hacking Parenthood.

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