See my transformation at HM Hairdressing in Calne. -Hacking Parenthood

See my transformation at HM Hairdressing in Calne -Hacking Parenthood

A new hairdresser has just opened in Calne, UK by one of my lovely mummy friends Helen Massimo called HM Hairdressing. How exciting. She had an intro offer of everything 50% off ( It’s running until the 28th of Jan 2017 and excludes children’s haircuts)  so when my mum mentioned that I should go have my hair done as my birthday present. I jumped at the offer.

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6 ladies posing for a picture in a salon that is newly openedOne of my lovely vegan friends lives in Calne, and I don’t really get to see her often so I met up with her just before the appointment for a coffee and a chat, and let our daughters enjoy some play time together. She decided to help me out at the hairdresser while I got my head and shoulders massaged, and hair washed. I felt so pampered. The salon looks so fresh and modern and had such a warm atmosphere. Once I was ready for the cut, my friend left.
Eris had such a busy morning that she fell asleep straight away once she started feeding. Extra bonus for a new mum having her hair cut for the first time. This was going to be a massive change, I was very nervous.

As you all know, my hair is quite long, as I hadn’t had a haircut since my baby shower when I was still pregnant. It did give me a chance to grow my hair. After chatting to my mum, we agreed that I should go short. Very short. this was an exciting thought as having short hair is in certain circumstances easier than the long hair when you have a little one to run after. As I was having such a drastic change, Helen (the hairdresser and owner) mentioned that I could donate my hair to a charity that makes wigs. This really made it worth me growing and cutting my hair.

Even though I was so nervous, I knew I would love having short hair. As I write this I can concur with that comment. I am so pleased with the cut. The biggest test of a haircut is when you wash it for the first time and restyle it at home. Well, Im please to say it was a success. My hair fell beautiful into place with just a hair blow. Perfect when you have to get ready fast with a little one about. Thank you so much, Helen for such a great haircut and thanks to my mum for paying for it as a birthday present.

See my transformation at HM Hairdressing in Calne -Hacking Parenthood

23 thoughts on “See my transformation at HM Hairdressing in Calne. -Hacking Parenthood

    1. yeah, i am feeling great for it, i guess ill grow it long again and then see if i can do it again, its so hard to find the time when you have a new baby. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You should really do it, it’s easy to grow hair when you have kids, mainly because there’s no time to go to the hairdresser! 😂😂

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s was a bit scary but it’s only been 3 years since the last cut so it will probably grow long again. 🙂 you hair sound amazing!

    2. Bum length :O wow, thats amazing and yes, very hard to say goodbye. one day when and if you do chop it, some one else will be very pleased to have a really long haired wig. 🙂 (if you do donate it)

  1. Very striking, so different! Sound like a lovely experience at the salon – i’ve yet to smuggle my toddler in – I like to escape when I do go, alone! As I’m expecting, I have all the hair loss to look forward to afterwards – sad face :/

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