I do yoga to relax, not to exercise. -Hacking Parenthood

I do yoga to relax, not to exercise. -Hacking Parenthood

Yoga, the most relaxing exercise I have found. I’m not one for intense exercising or sports games. I stay fit by doing 30-40 min of yoga a day. I make time for it, as it’s my well-being that gets affected if I don’t. Yoga is part of my morning routine now, my daughter sometimes joins me in my positions, finds something to do to keep her occupied or needs breast milk. I’m happy either way. Yoga is life.

Yoga helps me be a better mum. For a few minute a day, I take deep breaths and bring my thinking inward. I focus on my breath, stopping my brain from thinking about too much. Being in the now. This is hard to do when you are constantly thinking about everything you need to do in the house, for your kids, husband, yourself. Taking the time to stop and focus on one thing, that thing being your breath does wonder for your stress. I feel calm and have the ability to conquer many frustrations. Whether it’s at home with my daughter or out amongst others. I know I’m not alone in thinking that no matter how much we love and cherish those around us, they can sometimes be annoying. It’s human nature to feel that when someone is not on your path, you feel they should be. Letting this go is so important for your mental well-being.

Yoga is so slow that I don’t even notice that I am working almost every part of my body, from the core to strength. When you move slowly through the movements, you really work the muscles and think about posture and strength. Holding yourself in a plank is tough, but taking breaths and slowly moving out of that posture works so many muscles including core strength.

Sometimes I have periods of not finding the time to do yoga. This is really hard for me, as I start to feel it in my mind and body. If I’ve missed a week of yoga, quite normal as life gets in the way, my ability to deal with things starts crumbling, I get angry and frustrated, I forget to take a break. Even just a neck roll feels like I need some oils in between my bones. I usually get back into it pretty soon, and I start feeling better. I don’t feel guilty when life gets in the way, I know it’s what happens, but by calmly getting back into it, I help myself.

Whether it’s yoga or something else, it is important to take the time to give yourself a break, it doesn’t have to be away from the kids, it can be done with them. Find a place or hobby that gives you the opportunity to breathe and focus on yourself, even if it is just 20 min. You feel better for it and that helps you be better within yourself.

I do yoga to relax, not to exercise. -Hacking Parenthood

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